Why You Should Never Neglect Your Back

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Back injuries occur on a daily basis and can be caused by a wide range of reasons. From having the wrong sitting posture at work, to being involved in a car accident; if you damage your back, you are in trouble. As well as causing significant pain, back injuries can severely impair mobility, and severe injuries can result in becoming paralyzed. You should do everything that you can to look after your back because once it has been injured, the chances of recurring injury are high – if you do in fact recover at all.

The number of back injuries reported in the workplace is alarming, and there will be many others that go unreported. If you are affected by a back injury that you sustained in work, then you should seek a medical and legal opinion on your injury and determine whether there is any employer negligence. Visit the OSHA website to get further advice and support on any type of work related injury. Remember, it is your right to be protected by your employer, and if you have concerns regarding safety, whether there has been an injury or not, you shouldn’t hesitate to raise a complaint so that OSHA perform an inspection.

Some injuries seem minor at the time but can flare up in years to come, so if you do suffer an accident or injury at work, make sure that you seek the relevant advice. If you leave it too long, you could end up having to give up work due to an injury without any right to compensation.

Car accidents are common causes of back and neck injuries. Whiplash, in particular, is so common, even in what seems like a minor, low-speed bump. Your spine is precious, and even the slightest of jolts can cause major problems like muscular strains or slipped discs.

Whiplash is essentially any injury to the soft tissues of the neck resulting from forced movement, so it is not just related to vehicle accidents. If you have been involved in a car accident and are looking for some legal help, then contact a car accident lawyer to get some advice. You could end up with medical bills for years to come if you don’t get your injuries dealt with appropriately at the time of injury.

If you are working in a job where you have lots of heavy lifting or operating dangerous machinery, then you should be aware of risks and precautions that you must take to protect yourself. You are entitled to the relevant training on using equipment or protective gear, so don’t be scared of speaking out at work as it could save you or one of your colleagues from a serious injury or even death.

No issue is too small when it comes to safety and health whether in work or outside of work, so take care; look after your back and other parts of your body as much as you can and always use protective gear when it is available.