5 Chair Exercises That Will Reduce Your Belly Fat While You Sit


We carry on with a tumultuous way of life, so we invest the vast majority of the energy idle or in a stationary position. Additionally, we don’t have time for doing exercises, which can prompt various issues, for example, weight pick up, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular ailment. Truth be told, inactive way of life declines the action of a catalyst called lipoprotein lipase, which consumes fat. Also, it builds circulatory strain and brings down the distance across of veins.

On the off chance that you invest the greater part of your energy dormant and sitting, the accompanying activities are the correct answer for you. These fast, simple, and viable activities should be possible while sitting in front of the TV or even while you are in your office. In any case, you ought to consolidate this activity with a solid eating routine. Do these activities in any event once per day.



Bear in mind that this exercise is a little more advanced. Sit on a chair with your knees touching. Then, place your hands on the armrests. Make sure you keep your back straight. Next, you should lift both knees to your chest at the same time. Then, lower the feet to the ground without touching the ground. You should repeat this exercise 10-20 times.


You should remain seated with your arms placed on the armrests. Then, lean to one side of your chair while partially lifting your bum off the chair. You should repeat the same move as the double knee lift. Next, lean to the other side and repeat the double knee lift. Do 10-20 repetitions.


This exercise doesn’t only target the lower abs, but also the core. Remain seated on the edge of the chair. Your feet should be placed firmly on the ground and your back straight. Then, lift your right knee towards your chest while bringing your hands towards the knees. Make sure you alternate the knees and do 20-30 repetitions.


This exercise targets the fat from your hips and sides. You should sit on the chair with your feet on the ground and your arms straight next to your sides at shoulder height. Then, lean forward to touch your feet. You should touch your left toes with the right hand and vice versa. Alternate each time. Repeat 20-30 times.


You will strengthen the core, shoulders, back, and arms with this exercise. You should be seated on the chair with your arms on the armrests. Then, push yourself up while using your abs to pull up your knees. Hold this position for a few seconds, and return to starting position as slowly as possible. Repeat 20-30 times.


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