What You Didn’t Know About Fiji Water but Should

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For many people who drink bottled water, Fiji is a leading brand. But do they know what we know about this company?

In truth, Fiji Water is hardly the beacon of clean water they claim to be.

In fact, when in 2006 they ran an ad campaign around insulting Cleveland’s water, the Cleveland Water Department ran some tests.

The cleaner water? Tap water in Cleveland; Fiji’s bottled water contained elevated levels of arsenic, which wasn’t found in Cleveland’s water.

Still, Fiji makes bold claims of being an eco-friendly – but that, too, is factually inaccurate.

Consider the following:
  • The plastic bottles in which they’re bottled are inherently not good for the environment.
  • Further, they’re transported across the globe, first to bottling, and then to consumers.
  • Fiji taps an aquifer on the island of Fiji to bottle their water, yet many natives on the island die from diseases courtesy their own contaminated water supply.

Fiji water doesn’t make the world better.

Instead, it actively makes it worse – and costs island natives their lives. Is that the kind of business you want to support?


Image Credits: Flickr