Scientific Reason to Refuel the Passion in Your Relationship


Have you reached that stage in your relationship where you can no longer feel that spark you had initially felt? It is an entirely natural yet scary part of bonding. Have the vibes that were intense and exciting now become calmer and the relationship appears to have fallen into a predictable routine? Most relationships experience this with time and there are many that fall apart due to the lack of excitement and the feeling that things have become mundane.

For any long-term relationship, the death of passion is the biggest killer of any intimacy and bonding that is there between the couple. Couples often associate this lack of passion with being bored of each other. They start feeling that sleeping with the same person for the rest of your life is the equivalent of eating the same frozen pizza for every meal for all eternity. But that is so not true. It is up to you to bring in change and excitement in the relationship.

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Need for Something Spontaneous and Thrilling

A romantic candle light dinner would be fine, but when we are talking of passion and bringing the thrill back into the relationship, you need to do something that will get the adrenalin pumping and the heart racing. There is a direct correlation between stimulation of your central nervous system and sexual arousal. The things that excite you can actually “excite” you, if you know what we mean. Instead of romantic dinners and coffee dates, go for dancing, rock climbing and even roller-coaster rides with your partner.

Bring Something New to the Table

Research reveals that mammals have an instinctual need for novelty when it comes to sex, just like the novelty of getting to know one another in a new relationship. This means trying out new sex positions, even role playing and playing out your sexual fantasies. Don’t be afraid of experimenting and talking to each other about what excites you. And when you have the backing of a clinically tested size boosting compound like Maxis10 and Andro400, you can feel confident that the performance will match the fantasy.

Take Up Something as a Team

When you work together as a team to overcome challenges, you need to communicate in new ways, which opens you both up to new sides of one another that you don’t see often. This can help you both find new depths to your understanding of each other. If you are not sure what to consider as a team, train together to beat a zombie race, for instance, enter a swing dance competition or join a bowling league. The options are endless, if you want to work together to overcome challenges, even in a game.

Remember, trying new things not only helps add novelty and satisfaction to your relationship but bring the two of you even closer together.

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