Eating Fruits During Pregnancy Can Make Your Baby Smarter


Good News for Women Who are Expecting

You have probably heard that a quality multi-vitamin is essential during pregancy, but according to Science Daily, “prenatal fruit consumption boosts babies’ cognitive development.”

They go on to say:

“The benefits of eating fruit can begin as early as in the womb. A new study, using data from nearly 700 Edmonton children, demonstrates that infants do significantly better on developmental tests when their mothers consume more fruit during pregnancy.”

6-7 Daily Servings

A Canadian study, published in the journal, EbioMedicine, has found that women who ate more fruit during pregnancy had children with higher IQs at one year old.

In a recent study, Canadian researchers from the University of Alberta found that one of the factors contributing to improved cognitive development in children was the amount of fruit their mothers ate during pregnancy.

The scientists studied 688 one-year-old babies, who were controlled for factors otherwise affecting their learning and development, such as family income and parental education. They found that the mothers who ate six to seven portions of fruit per day – including juices – had children with IQs six or seven points higher on the standard scale at one year old.

“We know that the longer a child is in the womb, the further they develop – and having one more serving of fruit per day in a mother’s diet provides her baby with the same benefit as being born a whole week later,” explains Dr Mandhane, the study’s senior author.

Don’t Go Too Crazy on the Fruit

While the findings are encouraging, researchers caution against going overboard on fruit consumption as potential complications such as gestational diabetes and high birthweight—conditions associated with increased intake of natural sugar—have not been fully researched.

Instead, they suggest that expectant mothers meet the daily recommended consumption and consult with their doctors.


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