The Suppressed Truth About Heart Disease


As we know, heart disease is the number one killer in the United States, claiming more lives than all forms of cancer combined.  But an optometrist who has invented a ground-breaking test for early diagnosis maintains that this devastating disease has been preventable (and CURABLE) for over five decades.

In fact, according to Sydney Bush, DOpt., Ph.D., the situation represents nothing less than a criminal medical conspiracy to perpetuate heart disease – with corrupt medical authorities colluding with the pharmaceutical industry to suppress lifesaving information.

Heart news: CardioRetinometry monitors cardiac health through the eyes

CardioRetinometry is the science of reversing heart disease as measured via time lapse photographs of retinal arteries.  The technique uses time-lapse, ultra-high magnification photography to show plaque in retinal arteries – which perfectly mirror coronary arteries. Therefore, Professor Bush maintains that reversing arterial disease in the eyes can also treat it in the heart and brain.

Professor Bush discovered the science of CardioRetinometry – and the use of high-dose vitamins to dissolve arterial plaque – while exploring ways to prevent and treat problems with contact lenses.  After his patients experienced not only a more comfortable contact lens-wearing experience – but life-extending arterial plaque reduction as well, he became aware of the true importance of his discovery.

Professor Bush says, ‘millions of strokes, heart attacks and operations could be avoided with early detection and lifestyle changes.’

A low-cost, safe alternative to X-ray radiation and toxic pharmaceutical drugs

In the 1960s, cardiologists began using angiography – the process of injecting dye into blood vessels, then viewing an X-ray fluoroscope to find arterial blockages. Around 2 million of these procedures are performed every year in the US – to the tune of $2,000 per test.

Professor Bush advises CardioRetinometry as a cheaper, more precise alternative – and one that lacks the health risks associated with X-rays. Experts report that that X-rays, which cause exposure to cancer-causing gamma radiation, are responsible for too many (avoidable) cancer cases – every year.

And, unlike the highly magnified and precise images seen with CardioRetinometry, X-rays don’t show the age or color of cholesterol – which is represented only as shadows.

Bottom line: When given the right information, we CAN reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack by 98 percent, while extending lifespan by up to 50 percent.  And, that’s great news!


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