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Obesity, the Plague of the American People



Get Scared About Your Weight?

It is a scary thought, “The plague of Obesity in America.” There were rumors in the 1970’s that the Communists were behind America’s obesity problem. Many felt that “The Communists at a focus to get Americans so fat they could not fight.” This statement was just a rumor and not tied to any substantial information. Silly overweight excuses prove to be just another humorous reason for obesity.

As of 2017 obesity has grown to unbelievable proportions with nearly 70 percent of Americans obese

It is important to calculate and monitor your BMI

  • Obesity = 30 pounds over your ideal body weight range.
  • Consider your bone structure, height, and age to arrive at accurate figures.
  • Morbid obesity = Over 30 pounds your ideal body weight range.

What are your excuses for being overweight? Do you often use some of these to justify your weight?

  • “I have a thyroid condition.”
  • “I am depressed.”
  • “I do not have time to eat better.”
  • “”I eat fast food because it is convenient and quick.””
  • “I am too tired to fix healthy meals.”
  • “I am stressed out, “Stressed” spelled backward equals “desserts” which many turn to, to fill their emotional needs.”
  • “Obesity is in my genes. My whole family is fat.”
  • “I’m not overweight; I am just too short.”

Diet Pills

A sensible eating pattern coupled with a quality and helpful weight loss supplement greatly helps some people arrive at an ideal body weight or IBW range and remain in that range.

Never say the word “Diet,” fad diets are not forever. If you choose a diet, it probably will work for you. You will lose weight, however, when you lose the weight, are you going to continue your diet of choice. Chances are you are going to kick your diet to the curb when you realize your weight loss goals.

Do you, like others, find it impossible to stay on a fad diet for life? When you go off your diet the weight always creeps back on; sometimes more weight is regained then before you started your fad diet.

Then you go on  “your chosen diet” again that showed you success the first time. This weight loss cycle is known as Yo-Yo dieting, and it is not a healthy option.

Obesity, over time, damages vital organs, allowing for disease processes to gain a foothold.

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke

Kids learn poor eating habits from parents. As a parent, do you relish fast foods, skipping meals, and no worthwhile exercise? Are you showing your child, unbeknown to you, how to be overweight?

Lose Weight Right

  • Become Educated and Informed
  • Education is a vital part of successful weight loss. Become devoted to becoming healthy and fit.
  • Get your yearly physical and blood draws. Let your doctor know about the lifestyle changes you have planned.
  • Visit your doctor for weight loss checks.
  • Never say “Diet.” There are over 200 fad diets on the marketplace except a few such as Weight Watchers. (You even need to follow this eating plan for the rest of your life to assure your weight loss remains.)
  • Devote yourself to a lifestyle change. Eat three well-balanced meals per day with at least three vegetables or fruit snacks in between meals.
  • Devise a sensible exercise plan. When; you devote yourself to walking as little as a half of a mile a day, if you are able, it helps your weight loss cause. Consulting with an affordable fitness trainer is good.
  • Never food shop when you are hungry. Learn to read food labels when grocery shopping and buy healthier food choices low in sodium and hidden sugars. Fruits and vegetables are better fresh, but frozen are also good. Avoid canned foods.
  • Avoid white in the kitchen pantry such as white flour, salt, and sugar of any kind. Learn to use and cook with only “natural sweeteners.”
  • Eat until sufficiently full, never eat until feeling stuffed.
  • Eat out less and cook at home more.
  • Prepare your lunches and snacks for work.
  • Drink eight, eight-ounce glasses of water per day. You must talk this over with your doctor first.

Image Credits: Flickr