The Health Benefits Of Relaxation

Most people are aware that there is health benefits to be had from relaxation, however how many people could actually name even one or two of them? As such, we thought we’d put together a list of what we feel are the top 5 health benefits to be had from relaxation.

1. Relaxing Protects Your Heart

It’s a well known fact that stress can lead to heart problems and high blood pressure so it’s only natural that taking time to relax gives your heart a break and helps to protect you from stress related problems. Of course relaxing alone isn’t the only way to protect your heart and a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine are also large contributing factors; but taking time to relax certainly gives your heart that break it deserves.

2. Relaxing Boosts Your Memory

One that many people probably aren’t aware of is that relaxing can actually help to boost your memory. It’s been discovered in recent times that stress can impair one’s memory and can also increase certain proteins in the brain which have been known to be linked with Alzheimers. As such, by relaxing (and thus reducing stress levels) you could be boosting your memory!

3. Relaxing Lowers The Risk Of A Stroke

It’s partly linked with the fact that relaxing can help to protect your heart but another well known benefit of relaxing is that it can actually lower the risk of having a stroke. It has been proven that those who live less stressful lifestyles are over 20% less likely to have a stroke and, of course, relaxation is a way to reduce stress. It is thought that stress may be the cause of approximately 10% of strokes so take time to relax and rest assured you’re reducing the risk.

4. Relaxing Helps Keep You Away From Depression

Another one which possibly isn’t the most noted fact but it is the case that relaxing can help to keep you out of depression. Stress is a major cause of depression amongst adults, especially work related stress; and by taking time to relax, you can help to keep yourself in a stable state of mine and reduce the risk of depression. Whilst there is other contributing factors to depression, maintaining a health and stress-free lifestyle can ultimately contribute.

5. Relaxing Keeps You Slim

To many people it’s probably the most important … relaxing can actually help to keep you slim! When we are stressed, we crave and reach out for comfort foods which are often high in sugar and saturated fats (which make us pile on the pounds). By keeping yourself calm and relaxed; you’ll feel more like reaching for an apple or a glass of water than you are a chocolate bar or a beer!

All in all; relaxing is an important part of keeping ourselves healthy and we absolutely must dedicate time to relaxation. If you’re struggling to relax; how about paying a visit to the local spa? A half an hour soak in one of their hot tub pools can leave you feeling calm and refreshed and can help to promote a good nights sleep. Alternatively; how about taking time to chat about your day with a loved one? It’s amazing what can help people relax but most of all, it’s down to personal preference and you knowing what relaxes you best.

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