Never Walk Into A Pharmacy Again: A Health Bomb Recipe That’s 100% Natural!

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I recently made this all-natural cold and flu remedy to prepare for when the germs start spreading. I keep it in the fridge and the first sign of a cold or flu, I just scoop out a few tablespoons, add hot water and enjoy this delicious and soothing tea.

Here is the breakdown of the ingredients:

  • Lemons: They are naturally high in vitamin C. There is some controversy about the effect of vitamin C and the immune system, but increasing your intake during a cold isn’t harmful. reports that taking vitamin C before the onset of cold symptoms may reduce the duration of a cold. According to “The World’s Healthiest Foods,” by George Mateljan, 1/4 cup of lemon juice contains 46.8 percent of your daily value of vitamin C. Lemons may also be used to ease sore throat pain, a common cold symptom.
  • Ginger: Helps you sweat out the toxins in your body, which is helpful when you have a cold or flu. Ginger is also helpful for settling upset stomachs, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and cold sweats.
  • Honey: Soothes a sore throat, making it an effective and natural cough suppressant. This improves the body’s ability to fight infection and decreases the risk of fevers. The natural sweetness of honey also balances the tartness of the lemon and the ginger’s spice, giving honey, lemon and ginger tea its soothing flavor.
  • Cayenne Pepper: A common symptom of a cold is fever. Cayenne pepper may relieve fever and lower your body temperature by stimulating sweat glands. A key ingredient in the cayenne pepper is capsaicin. As the active component of cayenne pepper, capsaicin stimulates the cooling portion of the brain known as the hypothalamus, according to “The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods,” by Michael Murray, N.D. The spice also stimulates the mucous membranes of the nose and sinuses, states Murray. Congestion may decrease because mucous thins and liquefies when you consume cayenne pepper.

Health Bomb Recipe


  • 2 large thumbs organic ginger root
  • 2 organic lemons
  • 1 tbsp raw organic honey
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper

*Add oregano oil if you’re really starting to come down with a bad cold.


  • Wash the lemons and chop them well.
  • Peel the ginger and chop them well.
  • Put the lemon, ginger, and cayenne pepper in a glass jar.
  • Add the honey and make sure there is a space left at the top.
  • Let it sit for 24 hours.
  • Close the jar well and put it in the fridge for one to two months.
  • When this period has passed, the mixture has got the form of a jelly. You can also use some water to dilute it if you want.

The adults should consume two tablespoons of it a day, and the children one to two teaspoons a day.