Place a Few Leaves of This Plant in Every Room Corner & You Will Never See a Cockroach Again


A lot of people are scared by the physical appearance of cockroaches, which are considered as nasty insects due to their link to dirt and garbage. Unfortunately, we can often see them in our homes, walking down in our kitchen or bedroom.

They can be found anywhere in the world as they can easily adapt in different surroundings. Moreover, cockroaches can survive without food for over a month, and they support high levels of radiation, which makes them one of the most resistant insects on the planet.

These insect eat other animals as well as plant foods so they are omnivores. That’s why we can see them everywhere, feeding on everything that’s on their way. Besides feeding on garbage, they leave chemical traces through their feces to find water and food sources more easily. This is their method of communication which is the main reason they aren’t fixed in one place. This is all amazing, but we believe you still want to get rid of cockroaches once and for good.

We recommend the following trick to eliminate these insects from your home, especially if you have small kids or pets, as it is a safe method that doesn’t include dangerous and industrial poisons.

Bay Leaves -The Most Potent Cockroaches Repellent

This herb is the most efficient and natural cockroaches repellent. These insects can’t stand the smell of bay leaves, so they are driven away quickly without being harmed.

We recommend placing 10 bay leaves in the corners of your kitchen, or garden, and you will never see these nasty insects roaming around ever again. You can place them in your pantry or in other areas with food since they are completely safe and non-toxic. If you have pets, we highly recommend placing several leaves of this plant in your garden to get rid of these insects without worrying about the safety of your kids and pets.

Both, dry or fresh bay leaves can be used as cockroach repellent, but still crushed dry leaves in a powder form are most efficient as they release much stronger smell.

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