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Guayusa – A Health Boosting Coffee Alternative



Guayusa – a health boosting coffee alternative

Most people wake up to a steaming hot cup of coffee – something quite alluring. Yes, not many people can resist the sweet aroma of coffee. In fact, a lot of people depend on this beverage to stay awake and think clearly all day long. Keep reading to learn more about Guayusa, a coffee alternative that boosts your health.

While coffee seems to be irresistibly helpful, it may also have negative side effects. For instance, elevated blood pressure has been linked to excess coffee consumption. Other health risks associated with too much consumption of coffee include increased anxiety, and increased rate of cardiovascular ailments. In addition, people may develop stomach problems from the harsh acidic nature of coffee.

Coffee Alternatives

Because of the health benefits reported about yerba mate and green tea, these two coffee alternatives are increasingly becoming popular. Higher antioxidant levels are the number one health benefit associated with yerba mate and green tea.

The good news is that you now have yet another great coffee alternative that would offer all the sensations and sweet aroma you get from coffee, combined with the health benefits that yerba and green tea offer, minus the negative effects of coffee. That’s not all, Guayusa provides extra benefit of boosting natural, focused energy. Keep reading to learn more about Guayusa.

About Guayasa

Pronounced as gwy-you-sa, Guayusa originated from Ecuador Amazon. It is a native tree leaf brewed by the indigenes for more than thousands of years. Just like coffee, these natives wake up to a steaming hot cup of this beverage daily, before the rising of the sun. Each family will sit around the fire to warm themselves every morning, having a cup of this healthy beverage in their hands.

Guayasa is not a tea; however, it’s preparation method follows the same way that tea is prepared. To prepare this amazing beverage, its dried leaves are steeped in hot water. The leaves are taken from the Amazonian holly tree known as ilex guayusa. The holly tree is caffeinated. Unlike the regular tea, Guayusa does not feature or contain tannins. As a result, the drink does not have bitter taste. And, it is not astringent as well. The taste of this amazing beverage is simply clean and silky, and the finish is just sweet. There’s more to learn about guayusa, keep reading.

In addition to the benefits listed above, Guayusa also comes with tons of health benefits, both physical and mental health benefits. Now, if you think that tea offers antioxidant benefits (and you’re right about that), guayusa offers even double of the antioxidant benefits found in tea. It simply implies you will enjoy twice the following benefits; ability to fight free-radicals, decreased cancer risk, and anti-aging properties.

You will also find tons of health boosting compounds in this great coffee alternative!

Guayusa – Its Health Boosting Compounds

As mentioned earlier, this great drink has tons of compound properties that help boost the health, such as;

Theobrmine: This same compound is obtainable in raw chocolate. It helps lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation, and at the same time act as a diuretic.

Chlorogenic Acid: This compound is a phytochemical that has been found to aid healthy and safe weight loss through its anti-obesity properties and ability to enhance fat metabolism.

Polyphenols, Saponins, and Flavonoids: These phyto-chemicals have been reported to provide health benefits such as the ability to fight cancer, and the ability to reduce inflammation due to their potent antioxidant properties. They are believed to have stimulating effects on the immune system as well.

L-Theanine: This amino acid is responsible for the production of dopamine – the hormone that boosts a feeling of wellness. Also, the compound is mind calming and helps increase alertness in an individual. Additional benefits include increased concentration, enhanced memory, and enhanced ability to learn faster and better.

And, if you still want to learn more about guayusa, you will be glad to know that the beverage does not color the teeth like coffee and tea, plus it is not bitter!

Image Credits: Wiki Media