Take A Sip Of This And You’ll Cleanse Your Intestines Fast And Easy

If you are having issues with peristalsis and regular emptying of the intestines, you need to introduce more fibers in your diet. This amazing drink, composed of seasonal ingredients, will help you solve this problem.

Needed ingredients:

• 1 big pear
• 50 grams oat flakes
• 50 grams yogurt
• 100 milliliters almond oil
• 1 Tbsp. almond butter
• Half a Tbsp. honey
• cinnamon
• half a Tbsp. ginger


Clean the pear from dirt and seeds and cut it in cubes. Add it to a blender. Then add the other ingredients, except the cinnamon. Blend until you get a compact blend. Add a bit of cinnamon when serving the drink.

How does this drink work?

The pear is a fruit that contains high amounts of fibers. The fibers improve the digestion and the cleansing of the intestines. For best results use the skin of the pear as well, but only if you are using an organic pear that has not been treated with chemicals.

The process of digestion is also activated by the oat flakes, and the cinnamon speeds up the entire metabolism.


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