Your Doctor Won’t Tell You These Causes of ADD and ADHD!



Dr. Bob De Maria lists a couple of main potential causes of ADD and ADHD. Find out if you might fit into the categories he mentions. He also discusses some lifestyle choices and even how certain pets might play a role in those conditions!



Dr. Bob De Maria: Two more items about ADHD. I knew that someday I’d be talking to someone or somebody about this, so I had to do a pilot program. You just can’t spout off about things. So we had 25 kids that we did this pilot program with.So first, because clinically I practice as a chiropractor, we x-rayed every one of them. Normal neck is C-shape with a 45 degree curve. Those kids’ curves were10 degrees on average. That means at birth they had a traumatic birth, or they were sub luxated. In chiropractic, that’s when a bone puts pressure on a nerve.Information goes down the spinal cord. If your spine is out of alignment, it can impair function. So as chiropractors, we are nervous system doctors. We’re not neck and back doctors. We are nervous system doctors. Gravity never takes a vacation, so we are constantly compressed down.

The other one we found quite fascinating was that a lot of these children had parasite infestations in their body. You can test that with a blood test called a CBC with a differential. They ground their teeth at night. Now I’m not saying all kids that have parasites have ADHD, but this is just one of the many things. We can have kids who come in and say, “Dr. Bob I hear that you’re really good at ADHD. Can you help me?” And everything else has failed. Then when I start asking them the next layer of questions, we get to the cause of the problem. We see people from all over the world because we ask the right questions.

If you grind your teeth at night, at 2:00 in the morning you wake up. If you eat sushior pork, or if you play in those little playgrounds with the little balls in them, those are not wise. If you eat wild game, deer, squirrel, rabbit. And if you have a cat. I love people who have cats because they are very creative,passionate human beings. I love them dearly, but people who have cats -statistically from my experience, once again, I’ve been doing this since 1978,so I’m saying this in love – tend to have parasites, and grind their teeth at night. So, “Dr. Bob, what do parasites have to do with ADHD?”Parasites eat first, and then they do something ungodly in you. They poop in you. Those toxics affect your nervous system. Anytime we have somebody who comes in the office – and I’m saying this also in love and joy – that are really unusual human beings, characters. I like to call them a little whack. Istart asking them all these questions. Grinding your teeth at night and wakingup at 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning is usually a body signal that they could have parasites.

Now a couple other things with kids with ADHD. Do they have white spots in their nails? It’s a body signal lack of zinc. Do they cry easily? They need B vitamins. Do they chew their nails? Mineral need. Do they chew their boogers?Mineral need. Do they have moddled teeth? Blotchy? Fluoride toxicity. You could do an assessment with a mineral tissue analysis. So we live in a very toxic environment. We’re exposed. A lot of these kids have a lot of distress. Half of the families in America today are single moms, raising kids. Financial distress. There are a lot of these kids that their only meal come from the national school lunch program. I have talked to people where kids, who go to school on a Friday, their last meal is at noon and they are at the gate to get into school on Monday, because they haven’t eaten since Friday. If you’re a mom, what I’m going to encourage you to do is to go to the internet. Type in your school system and see what they’re feeding your kids. Thirty-one million kids eat at the national school lunch program.

So let’s give everybody some take aways. You want to make sure that there is an adequate source of oil. I promote at least 1 tbsp. of flax oil per 100 pounds. If they cry easily they need B vitamins. If they chew their nails, they need minerals.Does bright light bother their eyes? You know these kids. they come in and they might be wearing sunglasses, or their parents are wearing sunglasses. Bright light bothering someone tells me they have adrenal gland stress. This is a sign that they need minerals. Do a diet sheet. How much dairy are you consuming?Yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream. And by the way, we don’t promote yogurt.That’s really dabbling. Yogurt has more sugar in it than ice cream. I just saw one container of yogurt had 12 grams of sugar. That is more than what is in a soda pop. You might say, “Well, Dr. Bob, where does my child get calcium from?” Almonds, sesame seeds, greens. “Oh, my kids don’t like greens.” Well here’s the situation that we’re learning with greens. Their tongues are being tricked by all of the food additives. So you’re going to want your kids to prepare these greens with you.Use some Celtic sea salt. Adding minerals to the greens definitely will help. Their bodies are starving for minerals.

Look tosee what kind of preservatives and what kind of food additives. All of that is a part of it. But moms and dads, don’t give up. Get Dr. Bob’s Guide to Stop ADHD in 18 Days. It will help you walk through this. You don’t want them on Ritalin. You don’t want them on Adderall. Those have a lot of bad effects. Now I get beat up a lot on the internet, especially on Amazon, with people who have written books that have been paid for by the pharmaceutical industry, because they don’t think diet has anything to do with it. Hello? You are what you eat.Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food. An old Greek guy said that. His name was Hippocrates.


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