Top 3 Reasons To Support Breast Augmentation

Top 3 Reasons To Support Breast Augmentation

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Top 3 Reasons To Support Breast Augmentation In recent times, breast augmentation has grown in popularity among many women in America. Statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery indicate that breast augmentation procedures have witnessed a 213% increase since 1997. This number consists of average women who are usually in their mid-thirties. The association opines that such women are most likely to be in long-term relationships or college.

Breast augmentation has duly metamorphosed since the early days when women used ox cartilage as implants. The present age has seen the likes of silicone and saline take over as the most common implants. The former is more popular than the latter; 69% of breast augmentation patients prefer silicone while 31% opt for saline. Despite these different preferences, both groups have the same reasons for undertaking breast augmentation procedures.

Most women (91%) go for breast augmentation to look better while naked while 74% want to enhance self-confidence. This euphoric attitude towards breast augmentation elicits questions about the benefits of the procedure. Some quarters have argued that it does not produce any effect on the attractiveness of the patient. There is also the small issue of its side effects, which sometimes rear themselves through scars and leaking breasts. Notwithstanding, breast augmentation comes will the following advantages:

Increase in clothing options

Undertaking a breast augmentation procedure allows women to broaden their clothing options. It is an opportune moment to stock their wardrobes with different kinds of clothes. Most designers design female clothing according to how the clothing hangs from women’s body frames. Many women also love to wear clothes that complement their curvatures and make them flattering.

A flattering look is exactly what perky breasts or bust line will afford these women. They can now invest in a wide range of flattering wear like low-cut blouses, spaghetti tops and fitting dresses. Other expressive clothing options are swimming suits and beach wear.

Increased self confidence

The self-confidence of a person is sometimes dependent on how people think of their physical looks. So, it is perhaps understandable that firm, perky breasts have established themselves as epitomes of good physical looks. Some women who do not have these kinds of breasts have usually suffered from bouts of low self-esteem. With the existence of breast augmentation, such a problem can wither away.

Breast augmentation adds youthfulness to the contour to a women’s breast. As such, the feeling of attractiveness enhances their confidence in themselves. This can help them undertake various tasks like other attractive women. Some of the people that can benefit from the self-confidence boost include women who have just given birth. Such women usually experience a negative change in their breast volumes and sizes. This makes them prone to an immense loss in self-confidence.

Positive aesthetic changes

The main benefit that exists in breast augmentation is its aesthetic transformation. The procedure works wonders for patients’ curvatures by facilitating a breast size increase. Breast augmentation also reshapes women’s bust lines while carving out an attractive body contour. The carving process involves the addition of curves to the profile. By augmenting their breasts, women will be eliminating imbalanced and disproportionate body figures.


The benefits of breast augmentation appear to be real. This is evident judging from the fact that 94% of breast augmentation patients pay glowing tribute to this procedure. Dr Robert Goldman a Perth cosmetic surgeon specialises in breast enhancements and has helped many women enhance their breast to improve their lifestyle in one way or another. Such responses bode well for many plastic surgeons in the country. For women, it means that their beauty is in their hands provided they have the funds.