Your Urine Color Is A Clear Indicator Of Your Health: Take A Look And Find Out!

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In the times, when no medicine was actually invented, people used simple life hacks to detect a health problem. This all started with the urine color. Even today, the urine coloring is a very clear sign of things happening inside your body, you may not even be aware of. If you are not sure how this actually works, take a look at the list below and then feel free to take a peek at your urine- see what it has to say!


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Since many factors can interchange the urine color, it is important to pay attention regularly to its coloring and prevent any diseases from occurring.

  1. Transparent/ Colorless

This is normally a sign of over hydration, so cut down on those water intakes, and get the daily water drinking in order.

  1. Pale Yellow

In fact, this is the most natural color you can ask for. It means that your body performance is solid and that you are eating and hydrating tight. Hooray for you!

  1. Transparent Yellow

Another good sing of a healthy body! You are absolutely fine!

  1. Strong Yellow

It is a sign of a healthy body, which needs a little more hydration. So, grab that bottle of water and go for it!

  1. Amber or Honey

This color shows a very serious sign of exhaustion and dehydration. Drinking water has never been more mandatory than now!

  1. Maple Syrup or Brownish Color

If you notice this urine coloring, it probably means you have liver problems. According to studies, liver issues or dehydration are first on the list when you notice these dark tones.

  1. Pink to Reddish

Sometimes, it can mean that you have eaten blueberries, beets or rhubarb. If not, this clearly indicates blood in the urine. Sometimes this can occur, but a frequent blood flow in the urine should urge you to the doctor, since it may lead to kidney disease, tumors, urinary tract infections, prostate problems, lead or mercury poisoning.

  1. Orange Color

Again, lack of water is the top of our list. Also, you may be suffering liver dysfunctions, bile irregularities or food poisoning.

  1. Blue or Green

As odd as these colors may sound, they do appear and usually indicate a sign of rare genetic diseases. Additionally, it can show bacteria presence in the urinary tract. Ultimately, it may be a reaction of a certain drug or food you have consumed. No doubts, you must visit your doctor.

  1. Blurry or Foaming

Chronic fizziness in urine shows a kidney malfunction- maybe a virus or bacteria. Also, this may mean an overload of proteins due to your diet, and can be eliminated easily. But if it keeps reappearing, schedule a doctor’s appointment.

We hope this was helpful! Stay healthy, everyone!

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