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How Invisalign Can Help Create A Healthier Smile



Are you considering Invisalign as an alternative to braces to correct orthodontic problems and create a more attractive smile? Many patients who inquire about Invisalign fully expect the cosmetic benefits. But they may not be thinking about how Invisalign can actually make their mouth healthier.

What Is Invisalign?
Invisalign uses a series of custom-built aligner trays made of nearly invisible plastic to gradually shift teeth into their correct places. The aligners fit over your teeth, and are changed every two weeks.

Invisalign serves the same purpose as braces, but is an easier, less invasive and virtually transparent solution for teeth alignment to give you a great smile. This brings us to the first reason Invisalign treatment can actually improve your dental health.

Invisalign Is Cleaner During Treatment
Food getting caught in conventional braces can cause a big problem, especially since it’s more difficult to brush the teeth with braces in. Because Invisalign is an invisible plastic tray, food does not get caught between it. In fact, you can (and should) remove Invisalign trays two times daily to brush and floss your teeth as usual. Not only will Invisalign improve your dental health and hygiene for decades after treatment, it also helps while you’re using it!

Prevent Periodontitis with Invisalign
Teeth that are too crowded in the mouth or too widely spaced can cause swollen, red gums. When gums swell, it is easier for plaque to accumulate beneath the gum line, causing gingivitis and, eventually, periodontitis.

Gaps between teeth can also create periodontal pockets where plaque can collect and tartar can build up.

By gradually guiding teeth to their proper spacing, Invisalign eliminates these problems and reduces the risk of gum disease.

Easier Cleaning After Treatment with Invisalign
Crooked teeth are more difficult to clean, especially when it comes to flossing. If teeth are too tight, it can be virtually impossible to floss properly. Perfectly aligned teeth not only create a beautiful smile, they can create a healthier mouth by making dental care easier.

Prevent Tooth Wear
Overbites and underbites can prevent normal functioning of the front teeth, leading to tooth wear. Over time, this can make teeth more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay.

Invisalign can prevent this problem, creating a more attractive smile and permitting teeth to function properly.

Encourage Good Dental Hygiene
If you have straight, beautiful teeth, you’ll be more motivated to keep them that way, right? Taking care of your teeth will be easier during and after Invisalign treatment, which will lead to a healthier, brighter smile.

Present a Picture of Overall Good Health
Our eyes may be the window to our soul, but our teeth speak volumes about our overall health. Gum disease or tooth infections can cause other health problems, including heart disease and stroke. Periodontitis and bleeding gums can also be an indicator of diabetes.

A straight smile is a healthier smile, and you’ll work hard to keep it that way. You may even start eating healthier foods and avoiding sweets to keep your mouth healthy.

The benefits of Invisalign may begin with a nicer smile, but they don’t end there. If you’ve been putting off braces because of the hassle and inconvenience, Invisalign may be the answer for you.