Building Your Immune System Naturally With These 5 Antiviral Herbs

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All the fear surrounding viral outbreaks striking around the globe have people wondering how they would cope under extreme circumstances. Some people put faith in hospitals, but it is well documented that we do not possess enough suitable isolation units to house that many sick people.

Should we panic? Or should we prepare? The latter is true regardless of whether you fear an uncontrollable outbreak or not. Simply because viruses are part of our every day life. From the flu, to herpes to HIV, hundreds of thousands of these devastating microbes live among us. Many viruses are proclaimed incurable by modern medicine, but alternative medicine says we can battle the sinister little germs we all know and loathe. Many herbs that fight or kill viruses can be grown in your backyard or even indoors! Here is a list of the top five.

Spices and Herbs

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1. Garlic– The most known and recognized disease fighting herb that also happens to be a culinary delight. Garlic is truly antimicrobial and kills viruses and bacteria without disrupting intestinal flora. Most effective against cold or flu viruses and more effective than penicillin against infections. Garlic grows easily out of left over cloves. You can put it in your favorite meals, make garlic chicken soup, crush fresh garlic in a salad, most any application of garlic is sure to please! It can lose potency when heated above 130 degrees, but avoid consuming too much raw garlic unless you want to risk gastrointestinal disruption.

2. Lemon balm– This hearty and delicious herb is a great addition to your herbal medicine garden or cabinet. It is effective against many different viral infections. Such as influenza, colds, chicken pox or shingles. In fact, Germany prescribes lemon balm infused creams to sufferers of herpes or cold sores. The oil that is contained in the plant is what gives it the power to fight viruses. Whether made into a cream, tincture, or used in a delicious disease fighting tea, lemon balm is a great tool to keep on hand. Consult a doctor if you are pregnant and considering using lemon balm.

3. Ginger– Typically regarded as an anti nausea medicinal herb but also harbors major disease fighting power! Antibacterial and antiviral. Full of flavor and a favorite in Asian cuisine, ginger can be pickled and eaten along with sushi, made into a fresh ginger tea, or even taken in capsules. You can use it daily as a preventative measure or used when already sick to help your body fight off disease quicker. Ginger is typically spicy and not advisable for pregnancy.

4. Elderberry– These berries grow on large bushes and pack major punch against what ails you. The name is explanatory of its long known medicinal properties and was commonly utilized by Native Americans. It is tough on viruses and even better for its immune enhancing properties. Elderberries are usually made into a syrup, The plant in raw form can be poisonous for consumption and should only be used when cooked and prepared properly.

5. Oregano– Another common kitchen staple that is full of flavor on top of being one of the most effective antiviral herbs. Extremely easy to grow either indoors or in outdoor herb gardens. Eating and cooking with oregano is beneficial to health but the most effective manner is to take oregano oil capsules or apply high quality oregano essential oil to this skin via a carrier oil such as coconut.

There are many more herbs on our planet that help fight disease these are only a few. Living in fear of microbes is no way to live. Good personal hygiene is a main component but consuming these daily for disease prevention is ideal. Even more essential to use if infection is already occurring. You can take measures to protect yourself and your family from germs!

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