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Five Health and Fitness Trends in L.A.



Los Angeles is a trend-setting city unlike any other in the nation. When it comes to fashion, pop culture, music, and technology, L.A. can be looked upon to determine what’s “in” – and the rest of the country will catch up sooner or later. L.A. is also known as home to some of the biggest celebrities and most beautiful people in the world. Because of this, it’s only natural for Los Angeles to be on the cutting edge of health and fitness trends. Let’s take a look at what the buzz is all about right now for eating right and looking good.

Clean Eating

Clean eating is a diet trend that focuses on eating food in its purest, most natural state. Organic fruits and vegetables are “clean,” because they’re free of any chemicals, pesticides, or additives. As for meat, only grass-fed beef, free-range chickens, and meat or seafood that’s free of hormones are acceptable. Packaged, processed foods are avoided in a clean diet. While quite restrictive and sometimes difficult to follow, clean eating is definitely healthy for you.


The Paleo diet is another diet trend that encourages people to get back to their “roots” – as cavepeople. The Paleo diet is meant to model the diets of our ancestors in the paleolithic period. The diet is heavily comprised of meat, seafood, and non-starchy fruits and vegetables. It eliminates things like dairy products, refined sugars, and processed foods. It remains to be seen whether the Paleo diet is just another fad or something that’ll last based on its health benefits.


High-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) is a top fitness trend that began gaining popularity in L.A. Especially good for busy professionals with loaded schedules, H.I.I.T. focuses on getting the most bang for your buck. Workouts are usually shorter (such as thirty minutes total) and include intense strength training exercises and cardio at intervals of several minutes each. An effective way to work out, H.I.I.T. appeals to many and has been made popular with programs like P90X and CrossFit.

Group Fitness

Group fitness classes have always been popular, but there’s a renewed, bigger interest in them lately. Group dance classes like Zumba are everywhere, as well as yoga and pilates. There are lots of fun variations, however, such as choreographed routines on treadmills and classes that involve making music while working out. In our increasingly virtual world, it’s no surprise that online group fitness classes are gaining in popularity, too. You can join in on a group fitness class from the comfort of your home using Skype-like programs at any time that’s convenient for you.


Part of the trend of all-natural eating involves ridding your body of all the unnatural materials and toxins it accumulated. There are lots of ways to detox, but they all involve seriously restricting your diet for several days or even weeks. Juice Crafters juice detox Los Angeles recommends three to five days of drinking nothing but natural juices and smoothies to “cleanse your body of harmful toxins” and “destroy the free radicals that can lead to disease and decay.” A variation on a juice detox is to eat only fresh fruits and vegetables and drink only water for five to seven days. Detox is said to cleanse and rejuvenate your body.