Top 9 Cures for Cancer that MDs and Oncologists in the USA are Afraid to Talk About


With modern lifestyles, people are exposed to multiple carcinogenic agents on a daily basis. It is hence no wonder that cancer rates are soaring. To keep far away from this terrifying disease, this list of cancer-fighting foods cannot be ignored.

#1) Certain flavonoid-rich berries are the “kryptonite” of cancer and are well-known antioxidants crucial in prevention

No MD or oncologist in the USA would dare recommend berries for cancer treatment, for fear that you’d either tell them the visit was a waste of time and money, or you’d wonder why they went to 8 to 12 years of medical college.

Berries may be the best advice any doctor could ever offer a patient who needs cancer-fighting superfoods instead of chemotherapy, radiation and chemical pharmaceuticals.

After all, cancer is caused by chemical consumption, so use some common sense. Cherries, blueberries, strawberries (organic of course), blackberries and cranberries contain potent flavonoids, and the sugar is carried in the pectin, unlike refined sugars, so don’t worry about that.

The proanthocyanidins are also a protective mechanism for preventing disease, as they lower inflammation, reduce blood pressure and increase longevity by fighting the aging effect of free radicals. Take a closer look!


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#2) Ask a naturopath about the power of organic immunity and find out why YOUR turmeric must be organic!

Most turmeric sold on the shelves of America suffers from high lead content and a high count of microbes.

Are you consuming heavy metal toxins and bacteria this way? How will you find your best source of immunity and keep it optimized? Don’t ask your MD or your oncologist; they will try to discredit it, along with organic food in general. They probably eat GMOs themselves.

Organic turmeric tincture is what to find. Remember, when curry contains turmeric, that’s when you’re getting the phytonutrient called curcumin and building natural immunity!

Health Ranger Mike Adams runs the Forensic Food Lab, where he tested common turmeric purchased online from Most of it is contaminated with heavy metal toxins linked to cancer, brain damage, kidney damage and more.

Check into this:

#3) Cruciferous vegetables contain glucosinolates that “crucify” carcinogens – the main fuel of cancer cells

Is the cafeteria at the cancer hospital serving organic broccoli today? No? – -Just Sweet-n-Low for your drink and some GMO pasta? Sorry!

Did the oncologist send you home to HEAL with a strict organic vegetable and fruit diet, and did he/she tell you to never eat dirty dozen conventional vegetables, the soft ones that absorb lots of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides? No? Sorry.

That’s probably because chemotherapy is just that, a pesticide. Oops. Did we let the “cat” out of the bag? There’s a natural cure for most cancer, and it’s living inside organic cruciferous vegetables.

Remember, don’t cook them to death! Start with raw organic cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, cress, mustard, radish, turnip and horseradish.

Here’s the secret: Vitamins A, C and E are the best FREE RADICAL scavengers!

Their secret ingredient is none other than sulfur. Induce your enzyme “expression” daily:

#4) 200 Biologically active components of garlic beat down the pathogens – you can beat cancer naturally!

What are the “doctor’s orders”? What’s the natural prescription for health, because certainly no scientist in a lab can mix pesticide with seeds and make anything grow that will contain nutrients.

Humans used to eat food from soil and seeds that did NOT contain insecticide and herbicide. Were you aware of that? That was about 100 years ago, before the “invention” of cancer as an epidemic.

Yes, biotechnology is a bad word that means your best cancer prevention foods are ruined with pesticides. Do not buy those seeds and do not buy their “fruit”! Do not eat Frankenfruit, as it causes cancer.

Find organic garlic and make sure that your gut health finds and keeps its balance! Promote your healthy microflora balance and prevent imbalances that propagate parasites and harmful bacteria growth. Garlic has power! Get some organic bio-active compounds now!

#5) The Chinese and Japanese know that mushrooms boost immunity to cancer – wouldn’t you love to know which ones?!

Have you ever seen Reishi or Chaga mushrooms at your grocery store? Has a restaurant ever served you a plate of food with either of these on top or in your salad? What country are YOU living in? Must be America.

Did you know that Chaga mushroom is a medicinal mushroom that grows out of the bark of trees in Siberia? Chaga relieves (and can end) chronic inflammation, diabetes, cancers, stomach illnesses, and yes, it strengthens the IMMUNE SYSTEM!

Quick, someone sue the mushroom industry for curing cancer! Where’s the FDA when you need them?

Reishi mushrooms are PRESCRIBED by doctors of Chinese herbal medicine to help with longevity — the word which means that you live a longer, healthier, cancer-free life. Learn more for yourself:

#6) Yogurt and good gut bacteria – what you must know to maintain yours!

Love your health! It starts in your gut. Good bacteria win the battles every day for you, so you must decide what the fuel is that this winning body wants. You are created perfect, and your body is perfect.

Did you know that you have complete control over maintaining good flora by keeping a close watch on what you eat, drink and put on your skin? Learn now about probiotics — various species present in yogurt that improve immunity and detoxify YOU of carcinogens, like hormones, the artificial ones that the meat and dairy industries give chickens, cows, pigs, turkeys and, yes, farm-raised fish.

What kind of dairy do you buy? What kind of cheese and yogurt? Is it organic or GMO? Were those animals fed organic feed? Think before you eat. This is a public service message:

#7) CoQ10, chlorophyll and carotene combine as the three “Super Friends” of the powerhouse spinach to “battle” the evil cancer!

One out of EVERY three people in the US gets cancer at some point in their lifetime; only half beat it. Why?

Western Medicine doesn’t want you to beat it. That’s the bad news. Want the good news?

Dark green vegetables are rich in iron, folic acid, vitamins, minerals and anti-aging antioxidant coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10.

Here comes power and energy, and with it a reduction in inflammation and pain, strengthened blood vessels, improved circulation and the “Super Friends” that fight bacteria and viruses, improving liver function and vision, so you can see for years and years that there will be NO CANCER on your home turf!

Get your carotene and chlorophyll “fill” from organic, raw spinach in a nice big salad that YOU make, and maybe even that YOU grow! There is a cure for cancer — stop “marching” around it.

#8) Just 10 grams a day of soluble, fiber-rich foods help get rid of “intra-abdominal” fat!

Dangerous “visceral fat” is lurking inside humans! We consume gluten and refined sugars, and the fat goes on and on, at the belly and the thighs, for men and women. Then food rots in our gut.

We mess up our digestive track and interfere with healthy bowels, leaning us toward colorectal cancer. And then there is the “whole grains” fiber myth. Certain wheat products contain other contaminants like GMOs and cause more inflammation.

You could get raw fiber that’s GOOD for you and burns up the dangerous visceral fat. Eating more soluble fibers is the way to go, according to new research conducted by a team of scientists. It could be as simple as eating two small apples, one cup of green peas and one-half cup of pinto beans.

Also check out organic rye and barley, plums, bananas and pears! Add some chia seed to your smoothies and off you go! No colorectal cancer for you!

#9) Ultimate superfood – bee propolis – builds immunity without vaccines! That’s why Monsanto and Big Pharma/CDC “bury the evidence”

America is SOLD on vaccines for immunity. We are told over and over and over again that, if you don’t get all the vaccines, then not only are you susceptible to many infectious diseases but, when you do get them, you will endanger the rest of the “herd” of humans.

Fortunately, we are not herds of weak animals without immunity that die regularly from infectious diseases. Rather, we are born with powerful natural immunity that is built and maintained with vitamins, amino acids and bioflavonoids.

There is an immunity-enhancing and cancer-preventing natural food, and it is NEVER injected into muscle tissue with MSG, formaldehyde and mercury! What is it?

Bee propolis is not only a substance produced by bees to protect themselves against infections but one of the most revitalizing natural superfoods in the world for humans! Get some:

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