How Are You More Likely to Die?

Life these days is filled with uncertainty. But if you’ve ever been curious how performing risky activities increases your chance of dying, the IFOREX online trading blog posts a fascinating infographics that compares the calculated risk of dying when pursuing one activity over another.

Called “How Are You More Likely to Die”, the colorfully illustrated infographics chart explains the greater likelihood that you will meet your demise rather than experience a particularly rare opportunity. Every activity is assigned a specific number of points, and every point in the infographics represents a one in a million chance of dying.

You may never look at taking a bath the same way after finding out the odds are greater of dying from a fall in your very own bathtub, in fact, nine times greater, than dying as a result of a skydiving jump. And did you know that if you enjoy regular Happy Hours, you are twice as likely to die from alcohol poisoning as you are from a snake bite while in the great outdoors? And it’s pretty disconcerting to discover just how much more deadly interacting with a faulty vending machine is than going on a roller coaster ride.

Concerned that participating in bungee jumping may end with a fatal splat? The How Are You More Likely to Die infographics shows just how much riskier it can be to get pregnant and experience childbirth in comparison. If swimming is your exercise of choice, you are more than twice as likely to drown in your backyard pool as compared to experiencing a fatal shark attack.

This clever infographics also compares the risk of being a pedestrian versus motorcycle riding and examines your chances of winning the lottery, getting food poisoning or dating a supermodel. The message is clear: stop worrying, enjoy life!

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