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What To Do If You Are Being Mistreated By NHS Staff



When we are at our weakest, such as when we are recovering in the hospital we need care and treatment in order to get better. The NHS, in the majority of cases, provides excellent care and treatment however this isn’t always the case.

Reported Issues

There have been reported instances of verbal, physical, and emotional abuse of patients within the NHS system. If this ever happens to you or a loved one it is important to know that you are not alone and that there are procedures in place to help support and protect you.

The NHS currently has a PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) which is the first port of call for anyone who has experienced any kind of problem while being treated by the NHS. PALS offers a face to face or phone-based service where you can air your grievances in a confidential manner to an NHS representative.

This representative’s job is to help resolve the situation by either giving you extra support or working to put procedures in place to help prevent the same thing from happening again. This could include examining the procedures in place to see if improvements can be made or


If you feel like you haven’t received the proper help and support from PALS, then it is possible to seek some legal help and advice from a solicitor. A solicitor will look into the case for you and identify whether you will be able to make a compensation claim for medical negligence.

This will be more important if you have suffered an injury or your life has been adversely affected due to your care by the NHS. You should never avoid seeking advice as the problems and issues you have faced could be repeated to cause harm to another individual. You could help improve the care and efficiency of the NHS in the future by bringing up

Medical Mistakes

This would include situations where treatment has exacerbated a condition or created a new one. Especially in situations where this could have clearly been avoided and a medical mistake was the main cause. Medical negligence can have a large impact on your life or that of your family either emotionally or physically.

Ensure you are financially covered by contacting a medical negligence solicitor as soon as possible for advice and help. You can claim back the cost of any specialist treatment you need or any financial losses you have incurred due to recovery from your injury.

There are many medical negligence solicitors available to consult, so it is important that you contact a few of them before signing up with any particular one. Make sure to double-check any terms and conditions they may have as terms and conditions will differ between solicitors.

You may also find that solicitors will use special offers to help entice you such as upfront payments but these are rarely paid out before the claim is well underway anyway and will come out of your damages should your claim be successful.