Breastfeeding Man: Drinking Wife’s Breast Milk Helps His Erectile Dysfunction


Breastfeeding Man: Drinking Wife's Breast Milk Helps His Erectile DysfunctionSome of the strange things people do in the bedroom actually may have curative power. Just ask 34-year-old Jeff, who had been dealing with erectile dysfunction until he and his wife stumbled upon a solution as old as mammalian nature. Jeff has been breastfeeding from his wife Michelle for a year and a half, which he claims has repaired his sex life. The TLC show “Strange Sex” featured the couple’s story, and it is Jeff’s hope to inspire other men with erectile dysfunction to keep up the search for relief.

Birth of a Fetish

It all started when the couple brought home their first child, and Michelle began to breastfeed her. Jeff wanted to experience what it was like and discovered an instant erotic charge that left his erectile dysfunction in the dust. Before long, he was drinking gallons of breast milk and even trying it on cereal.

Breastfeeding supercharged the couple’s sex life. Jeff relies on Michelle’s breast milk to fuel his sexual satisfaction and performance. He is turned on by getting her pregnant, which just happens to literally feed his addiction. For her part, Michelle also finds Jeff’s behavior erotic and notes that breasts are sensual objects as well as sources of nourishment. The couple is careful to let the children nurse first, however, no matter what.

From Vampirism to TV Fame

This isn’t the first time that the couple has experimented with oral gratification involving breasts. According to the Huffington Post, they first had applied to “Strange Sex” for their vampirism, which involved Jeff biting Michelle’s breasts. The biting somewhat relieved his erectile dysfunction, but when the children came, the vampirism had to stop. Then the couple discovered that breastfeeding helped Jeff’s problem more than anything else had and again contacted TLC. This time, they were accepted for the show.

Sexual Fetish as Sexual Healing

Jeff, who depends on breastfeeding to help prevent his erectile dysfunction, has been open about his fetish in the hopes of helping other couples find their own creative solutions. Kimberly Resnick Anderson, Director of the Summa Center for Sexual Health, explained in a TLC video interview that a fetish is an unconventional way for a person to become sexually aroused, and that the person becomes dependent on the fetish for satisfaction. The fetish object is not one that is normally considered erotic. The clinical term for a sexual fetish is paraphilia, which sounds more like a disease than a bedroom aid.

Fetishes are often linked to a history of sexual abuse. People usually develop fetishes as children or teenagers under conditions of shame and secrecy, and their post-puberty sexual behavior then links the fetish object with sexual arousal. The linkage can be hard to break and can require therapy to undercover the original source of the trauma.

Not everyone wants to give up a sexual fetish, which also would mean giving up its erotic intensity. People may instead seek out others who feel as they do and create a sense of normalcy around the behavior. If the fetish behavior is damaging to the person or to others, then treatment should be sought for paraphilia. Otherwise, as in the case of Jeff and Michelle, a little deviance might help feed a relationship.

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