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5 Amazingly Easy Diet Tricks That Make You More Productive At Work



What do you get out of detoxing?

What we go through emotionally from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we spend at the office, to the return home, can do quite a number on us. Especially, those of us who have been confined to the cubicle for a tad too long, we epitomize monotony.

A little bit extra productivity and zing is all we’re left asking for. If this has been happening way too often with you, maybe it’s not a change in scenery that you need, but a change in your diet. We give you five tips that make sure what you eat leaves you feeling fresh, active, and ready to take over the world, and yes, it involves a lot more than your regular supply of office coffee!

Stay hydrated

There’s hardly problem water can’t solve. Drinking water regularly helps you flush out the toxins from your system leaving you feeling fresh and detoxed. Coldwater helps you feel more alert and focused. Moreover, the body works like a machine, and just like a huge complex machine needs to be regularly oiled for smooth functioning, the body needs water to function smoothly.

Since the body is made of up to 75% of water, almost every vital organ depends heavily on it(your brain alone comprises of 90% water!). Plus, being stuck at the desk for long durations and the added stress makes us prone to unhealthy cravings and of course, weight gain. Water helps you curb all of that and suppresses those hunger pangs. This may entail regular trips to the toilet as well as the water-cooler, but hey, you could definitely use that walk.

Eat regularly

Having small meals in short intervals is as important as having water regularly. How does it make sense? For one, when you eat four to five small meals as opposed to two big meals, there is better and healthier control over your portions.

Breaking up the meals is pretty easy, and you don’t even need to go out of your way to pack them. Divide your usual breakfast into two parts- one for the home and one for the office. Do the same with lunch- one for early afternoon and the other for late afternoon. Quite obviously, portion control is the key here. Moreover, the release of energy is continuous and balanced, so you feel just perfectly satisfied yet light as opposed to feeling bloated and drowsy. And we all know that a satisfied appetite directly translates into a focused brain.

Bring home the proteins

We’ve been hearing it since school days that proteins help with the wear and tear of the body. However, in addition to that most basic function, they also do an amazing job of providing energy. Unlike carbs, proteins release energy very slowly, thus keeping you full for over a longer period of time.

By implied logic, this means that you could eat something early afternoon and still feel pretty content for the most part of the day. Include nuts, eggs, dark chocolate, lean meat, and sprouts in your diet- they are abundantly rich sources of proteins.

Don’t starve

So your job doesn’t leave you with enough time to grab fully a balanced and healthy meal? And you think that skipping meals entirely is better than chomping on junk food? Well, this might be a lot to take in (even though you have heard this way too many times than you’d like to admit), but starving is the absolute worst thing you can do to yourself.

This is an issue so serious, that many organizations actually take a conscious initiative of including healthy meals via corporate catering services. Going hungry for long periods will leave you feeling exhausted without even so much so as to shift in your seat. Your brain slows down, you become lethargic, and concentrating on even something very trivial becomes near impossible.

Eyes on the caffeine

It is nearly impossible to imagine life without coffee. Coffee is that antidote to your zombified early morning body. However, is it healthy? Is all that caffeine you’re so recklessly consuming doing any real good to your body and mind?

Well, all arguments aside, let’s stick to what commonsense dictates- consume sparsely. Don’t turn into a caffeine junkie. Excess caffeine will dehydrate the body, and subsequently slow down mental processing and productivity. Instead, have an apple or green tea- both are excellent and perfectly healthy substitutes for your daily fix.

All you need is the initiative and willingness to work on being the star at work, and soon you’ll find yourself kissing your Zombie-like days a permanent goodbye!