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Smoking Related Health Problems



Smoking related health problems are an issue which major medical institutions have and are dealing with right now. Such maladies as cancer and emphysema, along with a long list of other problems associated with cigarette smoking, keep hospitals and clinics busy. The results of cigarette smoking can be severely damaging to individuals and families for years to come, and in many cases, can lead to death.

One of the most promising remedies for this problem is the advent of electronic cigarettes. These devices look like a regular cigarette. Most consist of a battery, a chamber for holding nicotine and flavoring, and an area where these ingredients are mixed to provide a vapor, which the user inhales. The action of using an electronic cigarette is much like smoking a regular cigarette, yet avoids all of the harmful by-products of that habit. There is no tar or other harmful ingredients such as carcinogens. With the popularity, E-cigarettes are relatively inexpensive, definitely less expensive than the smoking habit itself.

Another facet of this industry is how does it compare to regular cigarettes on the environment?

“Going green,” is a popular phrase pointing out the fact that we are stewards of this earth, and need to keep it clean and healthy, for ourselves and future generations. One example of this is the cigarette butt recycling program currently being rolled out in Vancouver.

One very evident fact is the presence of cigarette butts. Many a young soldier has spent their early morning hours “policing” the area of cigarette butts. In addition, it’s estimated that close to $11 billion per year is spent picking up litter including cigarette butts. They are harmful to wildlife. One drastic effect is the number of wild animals such as deer that are killed on or near the highway because they are eating cigarette butts thrown out of car windows.

It’s been well established that cigarette butts are not biodegradable. It takes approximately 12 years for a cigarette butt to break down. At that time, the toxic chemicals remaining in the tobacco, cumulatively, seep into water tables, affecting fish and other wildlife, and even drinking water.

Electronic cigarettes have none of these problems. They are a device that can be disposed of like any other device, an environmentally safe way so as not to cause any problems. Since they are not disposable, you do not end up on the site of highways, in water tables, leaching their toxic chemicals, by the millions. The hardest part to dispose of, the battery, can be placed in an ordinary battery bin.

One considers the environmental impact that cigarettes have, the choice, environmentally, will always be the electronic cigarette over the regular cigarette. It just makes sense. Furthermore, when it comes to electronic cigarettes, recycling is a much easier solution as they are made out of metals and plastics that are commonly recycled. There is a question to whether or not the individual user will bother or not, but if enough awareness can be raised, the issue can be solved just like cigarettes,