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How to Choose a Cellulite Cream



If the cellulite in your body is making you lose your self-confidence and you are finding ways to remove this, then you need to know how to choose a cellulite cream. Cellulite develops as a result of weight loss, weight gain, genetics, or hormones. An anti-cellulite cream would condition the skin, thus minimizing its appearance, regardless of what the cause.

Here are suggestions for selecting the best cream for cellulite removal:

Caffeine in Creams

The best anti-cellulite cream should have caffeine as one of its ingredients. Caffeine is a diuretic that works to take away the skin’s excess moisture, thus firming it. Caffeine also minimizes the bulging of the area surrounding excess fat, thus making the skin smoother and reducing fatty deposits inside the buttocks and thighs. Applying caffeine topically on the affected areas will also tighten blood vessels, so that the dimpled appearance of the skin, brought about by cellulite, will reduce in size. When buying a cream, make sure to check the ingredients and see if it has caffeine.

Effects of Retinol

Look for creams with retinol, an ingredient that works to rejuvenate and thicken the skin, so it eliminates its dimpled appearance. This shall also speed up the creation of collagen, which will enhance the elasticity of the skin and prevent the recurrence of cellulite. Retinol also plumps the skin’s surface layers and improves its appearance.

Vitamin E and Antioxidants

The cream you have to be shopping around for should also have Vitamin E and other antioxidants, which can smooth the skin’s surface and eliminate lumpy skin. Antioxidants prevent skin cell damage due to the free radicals flowing in the body, thus leaving the skin prone to cellulite.

Cocoa extract and Cayenne

The cellulite cream should also have cocoa extract or Cat’s Claw extract, to reduce the appearance of fatty deposits. It should also have cayenne, which would motivate blood circulation, hence fat cells would be loosened.

Watch Out for False Claims

You will know how to choose a cellulite cream correctly by researching the other ingredients of the best cream.

Before buying the cream, you should check out its claim. Remember that complete removal of the problem does not happen because it is due to one’s genetic makeup. Creams can only improve skin appearance, but if you read that these also promise immediate removal of cellulite, you should be cautious about it as it cannot be done overnight.
You should also avoid creams claiming to improve muscle tone. They cannot improve muscle tone, as this can only be done through exercise. A topical cream would only harness the look of your muscles and not thicken the skin around it.

Creams offer temporary results only, and to continue using them to avail of their benefits is helpful.  Be wary of creams saying they can produce long-term results, even after you have stopped using, as this is a false claim and an internet scam.

Cellulite should be removed to have a firm and smooth skin. With these tips on how to choose a cellulite cream, your problems will soon be addressed.

The use of cellulite creams is one of the many options for removing cellulite.