McDonald’s Employee Arrested For Interrupting Speech By McDonald’s USA President


By Jen Hayden

http://www.dailykos.comMcDonald's Employee Arrested For Interrupting Speech By McDonald's USA President

Nancy Salgado interrupted a speech by Jeff Stratton, President of McDonald’s USA, LLC, telling him she’s worked for McDonald’s for 10 years and can’t even afford to buy shoes for her two children. She was promptly arrested:

Nancy Salgado is 26 years old and is a cashier at McDonald’s. She has been at her current McDonald’s for ten months. She is a single mother with seven- and two-year old children. The family currently lives in Logan Square, a community on Chicago’s northwest Side. Nancy earns $8.25 an hour, works thirty to forty hours per week and is struggling to raise her two kids. Nancy has worked for McDonald’s since she was 16 and has never had a raise.

See footage of her arrest and a subsequent interview here:

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