How to Impress Any Female on a First Date

How to Impress Any Female on a First Date

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How to Impress Any Female on a First DateMaking the right first impression is extremely important when it comes to a first date. If you have managed to bag yourself a dinner date with a beautiful woman you have to plan ahead for a successful night.  If you get it right who knows where the relationship will go. Here are the secrets you need to remember to ensure the night is a success.

Find the Best Place in Town

Before you book a table at the local pub you should do some research. Find the most highly rated restaurants, quaint pubs and foreign food restaurants and create a final list of three for you to choose from, one from each category. Now you need to find out what foods your date enjoys. Give her a call and ask her what dining experiences she enjoys, there’s nothing wrong with doing that.

Once you know you can book a table at the most suitable place which will have the foods and the atmosphere she’s looking for. Women do like a surprise but they also know what they like, find out the best option but keep the venue a secret until the last moment. Just remember to give her an idea of what to wear!

Make the Night Special

You don’t have to splash out on the most expensive bottle of champagne or hire a limo. The best way to make it special is by revealing your own personality and giving her the opportunity of getting to know the real you. Be prepared to let down your walls a little and open up. Be upfront and honest. If you’re asked a question you’d rather not answer tell her you’ll reveal that information at a later date. Never lie, she may have already conducted some of her own research and know more about you than you think.

Pay Attention to Your Clothes and Appearance

You must wear suitable clothes for the venue and ensure you are clean and well groomed. Spend time cleaning your nails and make sure your shoes are in good condition. Many girls look at the fingernails to determine how hygienic men are while others often judge a man’s status by his shoes. You don’t have to fully conform and forgo your personal style, just make sure you’re appropriately dressed and well put together.

Relax, you’re Worth It

Many men make the mistake of putting gorgeous women on a pedestal. You need to remember you have plenty to offer her. Be yourself, relax and stay calm. If you are genuine there is no need to be nervous. She has already made an impression of you and accepted to come out to dinner, so now you just need to continue being you.

Not Made the Date Yet

If you haven’t been able to make yourself a date or you need someone to accompany you for a dinner you could hire High class London escorts. They will be excellent company and will keep you amused and interested for the entire dinner date. You can always practice your nearly learnt skills too.

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