Dating After 40 : 12 Places To Meet a Decent Single Men

Dating After 40 : 12 Places To Meet a Decent Single Men

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Dating After 40 : 12 Places To Meet a Decent Single MenFinding love after 40

Finding love after forty isn’t the same as finding love at twenty, but quite vice-versa. Decent single men over 40 with or without children are a real finding nowadays. Women would fight to have him figuratively speaking.

For many over 40 singles it’s actually a challenge to meet a soul mate  or a life partner which is the same to my opinion. Some people are afraid to be hurt again, other don’t know how to start a conversation to the opposite sex, or don’t know where to meet other singles because most of their friends are married or dating someone.

Men and women are very different by their nature, men are shy and women are foxy, men are direct and women are mysterious there are dozens of such differences, but either of us can’t deny that we are deeply attracted to each other.

I am very annoyed when women complain that there are not any decent single men left out there, what a nonsense. Even though I’m not a fortuneteller I’m sure there are many good men and women out there who looking for love, relationship and happiness.

Most women are persistent, goal-oriented by their nature and if they want to find a man believe me they will, I just want to provide you with a list of ? Places where you can meet your potential love, hope it will be useful for you.

Places to meet decent single men:


Online dating is the most popular and powerful tool of nowadays. There are hundreds of online dating sites where you can browse single men personal and photos, send emails and flirt online from comfort of your house. There are several sites for mature dating like: and, check them out maybe you’ll find your match on one of those sites.


Church was and still is the most safe place to meet single men. To meet a God fearing man who has family values and share the safe faith.


Even though some people say that relationship started on vacation never last long, but I think that’s a nonsense, if two people are truly in love with each other some 100 miles won’t stop them from being together.


It’s a great event to meet a bunch of new people and some cool single men too. Men love music and would absolutely go to his favorite band concert.

Friends barbeque party

Why not, if you love barbeques and know that this weekend there will be a few single friends go have fun and try to be flirtatious.

Coffee Shop

Go to your favorite coffee shop and start to observe what are men doing there, when you find a man you like try to approach him and start a conversation. Sounds easy

Electronic Store

Men love electronics. Pretend that you want to buy a new camera or a laptop and ask a cute man if he know anything about the product, his opinion, what does he recommend?

Baseball Game

This is a real hub of men, there you can meet thousands of single men, don’t wait your chance and find a cute man, sit closer to him and start asking question about a game: rules, score etc.

Wine tastings

Check events for local wine tastings. This is a much better option than going to a bar, and fight off drunk men leaning on you. It’s actually a perfect atmosphere for a first date isn’t it? Wine, handsome man, sweet talks, laughter.

Park it

A very easy way to meet single men. If you have a dog great, if you don’t have a dog not a problem, borrow your friend’s dog and walk it in the park. See a man you like, instantly approach him, play with his dog, initiate a conversation.

Power Tools

There you can find a handy man who can fix anything about the house. Act like you’re looking for a socket and need an advice from the cute man next to you.


Another good option for meeting fit, muscles men, they would gladly help you to choose dumb-bells, and explain the system of exercises.

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