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Popular Work Out Techniques And Their Benefits



We are all well acquainted with the significance of exercise in our lives.  From keeping us fit, various ailments at bay, increasing our life expectancy to keeping us happy, the benefits of a regular exercise regimen are manifold.

But today we are spoilt for choices in every sphere of life, so it is only natural that the fitness realm also does not have the monopoly of one single technique. There are various forms of fitness training available today, therefore it is important for you to figure out the one most suited to your needs and capacity. To take the correct decision in this path you would need to know some of the fundamentals about the most popular fitness courses.

Following you’ll find a list of some of such popular and effective fitness regimens:

Weight training

This technique not only helps you shed those unwanted extra pounds, but it also enables you to change your body. Further, it has various other benefits like toning up your muscles and strengthening bones, thereby protecting you from ailments like osteoporosis and brittleness of bones experienced in old age.

Even your metabolic rate improves as a result of weight training; this is because the technique allows you to replace every drop of fat with leaner muscles, which burn more calories.

But once you settle on this course of fitness you must remember to increase the use of weight lifting equipment gradually, as, if you stick to the same weight and repetitions prescribed in the beginner’s session you’ll not be able to notice much change in your body despite years of work. Therefore, with time increase the weight and reps to avoid any plateau in your development.

Cardiovascular exercises

As the name suggests, this technique benefits the heart greatly. Of course weight loss is a part of the program (any form of exercise leads to burning off of excess calories), but it is the additional benefits offered by each form of exercise that sets one apart from the other.

Cardiovascular exercise or Cardio is any set of movement that increases your heart rate as well as boosts up the circulation of blood throughout your body. Thus we see that Cardio helps us strengthen our heart and shed the extra weight we have.

But this is not all, its benefits expand even further and include effects like an increased and improved metabolic rate, a greater release of the ‘happy’ or ‘feel-good’ hormones post every work out session, and also help keep a tab on ‘Diabetes’ if it is a problem you suffer from.

This is because the performance of cardio increases your muscle’s ability to utilize glucose. Thus, regular performance of cardio can shield a diabetic patient from an increased number of swings in their blood sugar level.


Physical trainer Joseph Pilates created this form of fitness technique in the 1920s. This was aimed for the purpose of rehabilitation of soldiers returning from war and dancers, originally. But the method has survived into the 21st century where it has gained tremendous popularity.

This method focuses on improving litheness, strength, and body awareness in users. It is most beneficial in strengthening our core muscles and aligning our spines, thus it benefits our posture, muscle strength, and flexibility. Pilates can also complement weight training greatly.


It has been around for ages, and almost everybody on the planet has heard about it by now, so there is no need of going on and on about it. But, if you want all-round fitness, with inner peace, better concentration, weight loss, and increased energy without the intense work out on mechanical equipment, then this is your best bet.

However, before you begin any particular plan consult with your regular physician and a trusted trainer, for their inputs on how you should proceed and what exactly your body can be permitted to do right away as well as gradually.