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The Best Health and Living Apps



Believe it or not, there’s most definitely an app for feeling better and for living a healthier life. Of course, there’s never only one app for any kind of pursuit, which means you have tons of choices for making your life better and potentially even extending your lifespan. The following includes some great apps that should help you make your life truly harmonious.

Ancient Remedies: For Finding Touch-Responsive Areas

Many Asian cultures believe that the body’s energy lies along paths known as meridians and that most illness is caused in part by these meridians being somehow disrupted. While this may or may not be the whole truth, it’s a well-known fact that certain areas respond well to touch. Using a portable device’s vibration capabilities, the Ancient Remedies app allows you to apply acupressure to sensitive places and open up your meridians to aid in healing. While it might not cure everything, it certainly feels nice.

BBM for Android: Helping You Maintain Healthy Connections with Others

Staying connected to other people is one of the foremost cornerstones of health. Some people even say that all the world’s life is a single being of light, which makes staying connected even more important than just the drive to be sociable. By using BBM for Android, you’ll be doing more than just getting close to your family and friends. Instead, you’re connecting to a part of yourself that you would be unwise to ever fully disconnect from.

iMantra: To Acquire and Remember New Mantras

There’s an old saying that when one’s mind is changed, so is the world. In order to implement the change that you want to see, often it’s necessary to reprogram the hum of thoughts in your mind. This is often best accomplished through the steady repetition of a mantra. One of the best apps for this is iMantra, which allows you to monitor how many times you’ve spoken the mantra in question and provides many mantras you can start with. Since this app is expandable, you can acquire further mantras as your life begins to change.

iVeda: For Living Your Life According to Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the oldest practices of health care in the world, as well as one that encompasses almost every aspect of your health and well-being. Through the use of apps like iVeda, you can monitor how well your lifestyle lives according to the tenets of Ayurveda and make adjustments accordingly. While it’s nice to live in ignorance and believe that everything is well, it’s far better to see a problem before it presents itself and take action proactively to make things better.

LeadSnap & NatureGate: Growing Your Future

There are more gardening apps than you can shake a stalk at. With Garden Squared, you can plan out vegetable patches of up to a four by eight-foot size. If you’re in the field and you want to identify a plant and its potential for holistic benefits, you can use apps like LeadSnap or NatureGate to make the call.

There are so many ways you can make your life better. With the right apps, this process can almost seem like it’s easy. What other apps would you recommend for better health and living?