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Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Mucus And Phlegm



Are you looking for ways to get mucus and phlegm relief naturally? There are many suggestions online, but few are alternative remedies. Thankfully, Canadians can easily access all of the reliably referenced help they need. Throughout the Internet, there are Canadian public agencies that have advice for keeping your cough under control.

The native American approach to mucus and phlegm relief

Helpful advice for combating a persistent wet cough comes from the Manataka Native American Indian Council. In addition to promotional products made with native Canadian herbs, they have a description of techniques to clear the throat. In particular, they recommend that relieving congestion by drinking eight glasses of water is an optimal solution. They also encourage sufferers to relax the throat, shoulders, jaw, and neck muscles. Instead of coughing, a strong swallow or humming is recommended.

Candy herbs to reduce cough

A persistent cough can evade traditional medicines and cause a person to ache. To ward off the urge to cough, the right types of candies and lozenges can be used. For mucus and phlegm relief for wet cough, try horehound, lemon, peppermint, clove, or honey candy. If you cannot find these flavors, rock candy can be substituted.

A strong that cup of tea

When you have a persistent cough caused by excess mucus, a warm cup of tea is often the best solution. Along with your traditional black or green tea, a teaspoon of honey will help your phlegm to become loose and liquid. To add some extra expectorant benefits to your cup of tea, try marshmallow, licorice, thyme, or ginger. Other healthy tea spices for mucus and phlegm relief are cloves and cinnamon.

Using hot water for congestion

There are certain balms that are applied to the skin in order to help you breathe easier. Most of the time, they are infused with camphor or menthol. If you want to use this to remedy without all of the petroleum jellies, you can apply a mixture of coconut oil and tea tree oil to your neck, upper lip, and chest. You can also add a small amount of tea tree oil to boiling hot water in a bowl to create a vaporizer. Other alternatives are a mustard plaster made from two parts flour, one part mustard powder, and a dash of water.

A big spicy meal

Around the world, one of the most effective ways to clear up sinus problems is with a meal that is heavily spiced with capsicum. In addition to giving your food a few extra dashes of hot sauce, you can incorporate curry, ginger, certain types of radishes, chili peppers, and wasabi to produce a spicy effect. This will loosen the mucus that is making you feel miserable and gives you extra vitamins to boot.

Natural remedies that will not work

Now that you have solutions for taking care of mucus and phlegm relief at home, it pays to remember a few natural remedies that will not work. For example, if you have a fever, you must seek medical care immediately because it is a sign of an infection. You also need to avoid eating certain types of dairy because they can exacerbate mucus significantly. Regardless, most mucus-related issues are temporary, and you are on your way to feeling better within a few days no matter which remedy you choose.