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Are you The Right Candidate For IV Sedation?



If you hate the smells, noises, and tastes associated with dental treatments but can’t seem to block them out, then its best to talk to your dentist about IV sedation dentistry. You are the right candidate for such procedures if you have the following:

      • Anxiety-related to dental treatment



      • Difficulty opening the mouth or very sensitive gag reflex



    • Limited time to get the treatment completed
    • In complete denial of the problem till the pain is intolerable
    • Haven’t received dental care in several years, possibly decades
    • Experience fear and sweaty palms when at the dentist

With proven and safe techniques, dentists provide patients with sedative drugs that work instantly to create a relaxed state that is monitored and maintained all through the treatment. Apart from creating a relaxed environment for the patient, IV Sedation also helps doctors complete the procedures in one appointment.

A qualified anesthesiologist gives an IV.  In reality, the patient remains conscious during the whole procedure and can respond to requests from the dentist. However, the drug used for such sedation induces either full or partial memory loss (amnesia) for the interval when the medication first kicks in till it completely wears off. Consequentially, time will seem to pass very quickly, and the patient will not be able to recall much of what had happened. Most people don’t remember anything. So it might, indeed, seem as to the patient that he/she was “asleep” during the whole procedure.

Intravenous conscious sedation is extremely safe when given under the direction of a specially-trained dentist in anchorage. Hence, it is essential to get such treatments done by reputed clinics, such as the Midtown Dental Center. The facility offers the most effective and advanced method of sedation. The dosage administered by the clinic’s professionals depends on the patient’s response and his or her level of overall health. These points are observed throughout the treatment by trained dentists in Anchorage to make sure the procedure is completed safely and effectively.