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Plane Food! Could It Be Risky? Find Out



So you are all set to kick off your shoes and fly to your holiday destination. But, wait a minute, are you aware of the quality of food that you would get on the flight. There are many reasons to know about the quality of food that airlines serve their passengers. I will be listing a few vital ones here.

Travelers often in the rush to gear up for their holidays often tend to neglect the bad plane food served to them on board.  So, if you are someone who is scheduled for a plane journey, then you should know the importance of packing your own homemade sandwich or burger. This way, you can thwart munching the food served on the plane.

Why plane food tastes bad?

Food in planes may taste bad due to the air pressure and high humidity levels during taking off. The ability to taste food and wine reduces around 32% and hence, flying not only decreases the taste buds but also affects the sense of smell. Besides, the cabin’s uber dry atmosphere parches the entire body and harms the passenger’s olfactory sensory mechanism, which is the smelling ability. The other reasons why plane food tastes bad is that it may be frozen, dried, and/or reheated.

Facts on why plane food tastes bad

When it comes to plane food, airlines lag behind. With quality being the main factor here, there are a few other factors, where the food just does not taste delicious or is not up to the mark. New York Times has asserted the plane’s physical atmosphere is what ruins the food. Beverages and liquor further dehydrate the body and results in decreased taste and smell sense. Passengers usually want food with a strong and authentic flavor or something that is home-cooked. Apart from this, loud music or noise that rings in at 98 decibels makes food tasteless.

Healthy food options on the plane

Flying long distances can have a huge impact on your body. In other words, longer duration onboard means flying at high altitudes. As food in-plane is highly processed hence, it contains unhealthy salts and other preservatives. Always carry water from your home to keep yourself hydrated during the flight. Nuts, dried fruits, and other cereals can satisfy your appetite. Besides, raw fruits and veggies too can be a worthwhile traveling snack for you. Another healthy option is to eat before leaving your home for the flight, as it will keep you full for a good amount of time. This is a smart way to avoid plane food.


Often, dehydration and air-conditioning inside the plane affect the flavor of food. Many airlines claim to correct this flaw by adding more sugar and spices for perfecting the foods, but this again will not help.

So weigh all these aspects carefully before you leave your home for the airport to catch the flight. Eat healthily and enjoy the journey, as you would never want an upset stomach to ruin your holiday entirely. Happy journey!