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Have A Break From Work, Have Some Desk Exercise



The sedentary lifestyle brought about by the inactive work offers a lot of health risks. The long hours of sitting leads to body ache. Although it is suggested that one must allow at least 30 minutes for healthy exercise or active physical activities, many just cannot find time due to their busy working schedule; exposing them to more health risks.

Exercise is not supposed to be difficult and fussy. There is no specific time and specific place that exercise should happen. More importantly, exercise can be done within the office starting with the simplest stretching to walking around. Luckily, there are many simple exercises waiting to be executed even while on your desk. Simply put these kinds of activities can be termed as desk exercises.

Desk Exercise

Desk exercise not only focuses on cardio exercises but most importantly, it deals with the unused muscles during sedentary moments. These are muscles on the legs and butt, shoulders and arms, and muscles on the chest and at the back. Although desk exercises are limited when it comes to space availability and time constraints, desk exercises offer a lot of health benefits. Desk exercises remain to be one of the best ways to squeeze in exercise time into a busy and tight working schedule. Muscle strain due to stress and tiredness is also addressed by desk exercises.  Muscle strain is one of the common issues during work and is addressed through simple desk exercises.


Alleviate the body aches and pain at work by simply stretching. Stretching does not simply move the muscles but it eliminates body aches and relaxes the body. Here are some simple stretching techniques as desk exercises. Simply shrug the shoulders and release the neck and the back. Shrug the shoulder and lift them until the ears, count from five, and release. This simple exercise brings about relief to the shoulders and the back.  Have time to stand up and sit down to stretch the muscles in the leg. Also, find time to point and flex the fingers. Too much typing in the keyboard can cause carpal tunnel. Thus finding time to stretch the fingers can lessen the possibility to suffer from carpal tunnel.

Desk Press

The desk press is also one of the common desks exercises the helps the back and the shoulders relax and be refreshed. This exercise is more like a push up with the hand and done at the edge of the desk. Squats and lunges can also work well as desk exercises.  There is no reason to forget about exercise. Productivity tools at work can help you put the reminder task for an exercise in between work shifts.

Even with the tight schedule, simple kinds of desk exercises can contribute to a healthier and fitter body. For example, choose the stairs more than the elevator, this will improve your leg muscles, and more than that it can improve your cardiovascular system.

Exercise is an easy thing to do. It is not a choosy activity and it does not require much. Well, the only requirement of exercise is your interest – the effort of starting it up and later on making it a habit.