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Tone Your Legs While You See The Sights On Your Bike



With figure tight models flaunting their perfect bodies while we lazy in our armchairs munching on a bag of crisps, at some point the tires forming on your belly really get to you. It is at this point that we must say hello to bike riding. Biking serves as the answer to the fat accumulating on our bodies and the relief of being consigned to years of nothing but the idiot box. Cyclists all over have attributed their toned muscles and physical well being to bike riding. Not only does this fun activity help you shed the pounds, but it is also a great hobby and not as dogmatic and boring as spending long hours in the gym. Here are some factors that can give you a little more insight into biking.

Exercise biking

Biking can help you lose double the amount you would normally burn while sweating indoors in the gym. Taking in the sights and sounds as you bike around gives you a sense of complete relaxation, your muscles become more flexible rather than being stiff. If you are a beginner, do start off slow and work your way up with more physically challenging courses as you progress. Jumping into the deep end with biking is not a good idea because you do require your stamina levels to rise, especially if you are someone who is nil on working out or exercise. Exercise bikes are broadly classified as follows.

The upright exercise bike

These are old school bikes that help you tone your body by minimizing the support on your back. Due to the absence of strong back support, the rider is forced to sit upright and straight working the muscles in the abdomen and core more. This bike however is not recommended for those with back problems and beginners. Using this bike optimally does require you to have done some amount cycling previously. The more you get accustomed to the bike, the better the workout, and the easier it is to ride.

The recumbent exercise bike

These are leisurely riding bikes. They include back support and are reclined backward that gives you the feeling of sitting on a comfy chair. It is recommended to start out on these bikes and gradually move onto upright bikes. This progression will help you intensify your workout and leave you more toned. If you decide to remain on recumbent bikes, you will still get a workout but it may take longer to reach the level of results you desire.

Biking is an exciting activity; you can try mountain biking and even sign up more marathons if you find yourself up for the challenge. If you find yourself on the lazier side, do join cycling groups. These will give you the morale you need to set you on the right track and there will be others to give you the support you need. Not only does biking help you get toned and fit, but it also provides you with add on health benefits that keep you fit on the inside. Blood pressure and people with heart troubles will find relief in bike riding. So strap on that helmet and take to the road of toned bodies with your exercise bike!