Scoliosis Boot Camp And Fighting Scoliosis Without Breaking A Sweat

Scoliosis Boot Camp: An Overview

Scoliosis Boot Camp™ is quickly gaining popularity among scoliosis patients and more questions regarding Scoliosis Boot Camp™ are arising. I thought as one of the innovators of the program I would shed some light on this up and coming treatment option. First of all, the age range for patients who qualify for Scoliosis Boot Camp™ is quite broad; ranging from as young as five, to adults in their seventies. The program, including the goals, for a child will differ from that of an adult quite significantly.

Younger children do not require equipment designed to increase spine flexibility and often need more training to enhance new muscle memory. Adults however require more time on passive motion equipment that decreases spinal resistance by heating up collagen causing the spine to “un-lock” and become more bendable. This often results in a great deal of pain relief and improved function for adults, whereas children are generally not presented with pain or functional losses.

Scoliosis In Children

The primary focus with children is to prevent progression of their scoliosis by stabilizing the curve at a reduced level prior to growth spurts, thus often resulting in a net gain through the growth and progression phase of zero, but preventing their scoliosis from worsening during these spurts. During latency periods, children reduction of the curve is often sustained and many older children see sustained reductions much less than their starting levels. Early diagnosis phases of the condition around ages 6-10 with curves less than 25 degrees, may see substantial improvements, even to the point where scoliosis is no longer detectable, these children tend to not see progression even during growth spurts; this is why we are strong advocates of early stage scoliosis intervention.

The Five Rs

Scoliosis Boot Camp™ is based on 5 primary principles called the 5 R’s.

Reduce spinal rigidity if present.

Retrain muscle memory.

Repeat training at home to cause a new engram (muscle program created by the brain) to form.

Reevaluate after home training to measure success, and

Reengage if necessary to gain more correction.

Scoliosis Boot Camp™ results will vary depending on several factors including: the size of scoliosis when starting, age of patient, rigidity of spine, and commitment of patient and support team. Scoliosis Boot Camp™ doctors are dedicated scoliosis clinicians who work with hundreds of patients with scoliosis, and see people from all over the world.

Scoliosis Boot Camp™ is evidence-based, primarily because patients are tracked and measured after they have completed at least 2 years of training. Although the data is still being collected and is yet to be published in a peer reviewed journal, it does not mean that it is not effective. Often, it takes years to accurately track patients with scoliosis and eliminate variables that could have affected the outcomes. Therefore, it is very labor intensive and requires a great deal of patience to accumulate enough data to make it a solid body of evidence rather than just a few case studies.

The End Result

In summary, Scoliosis Boot Camp™ is performed and managed by independent doctors in private practices who specialize in scoliosis treatment, with a minimum requirement of 300 hours of postgraduate training in fields relating to the scoliosis treatment.

Scoliosis Boot Camp™ is safe and effective, and results will vary depending on factors listed above. It is also one of the only treatment options that has been able to reduce larger scoliosis curvatures, provide stability, improve cosmetic appearance, and empower patients with scoliosis to live a productive healthy life without the risks and side effects that come from invasive spinal fusion surgery.

Written by Dr. Brian T Dovorany, developer of the TorsoTrainer™ and Scoliosis Cantilever™ designed to reduce and stabilize idiopathic scoliosis through autonomic muscle recruitment.

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