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The Importance of Setting Realistic Liposuction Expectations



With the abundance of information about liposuction on the Internet, sometimes it is tough to tell the myth from reality, which makes setting realistic expectations for your liposuction procedure all the more difficult. And having realistic expectations about the way that you are going to look is almost as important for your self-esteem as the procedure itself. In any case, a consultation with your doctor at the London liposuction clinic you have selected is the best way to receive reliable information about the procedure itself and its outcome.

Yet, one of the difficulties associated with setting realistic liposuction expectations is that by the time you visit your London liposuction clinic to discuss the procedure with a qualified professional, you will already have come across some common liposuction myths, with the most popular perhaps being that liposuction is a weight-loss tool. While liposuction will remove a certain amount of fat from your body and, by implication, will reduce your weight a little bit, it should not be viewed as a weight loss solution.

Liposuction is a procedure that is intended to remove stubborn and usually small pockets of fat from specific areas of your body, which do not respond to diet or exercise. As a result, the liposuction procedure will provide you with a better body contour; however, it is not a treatment for obesity. This is particularly important to understand when setting your liposuction expectations to avoid any disappointment in the aftermath of any procedure.

Another thing that you need to think about if you are considering a fat removal procedure is how you are going to maintain the liposuction results. Recently, studies have indicated that the lost fat might return, which naturally causes a lot of concern among prospective liposuction patients. While one of the most commonly cited benefits of liposuction is that it delivers permanent changes to body shape, this does not mean that one visit to a London liposuction clinic will solve your excess fat problems once and for all.

Although fat cells do not normally regenerate after being removed from the body, after some time, fat cells may be formed in other areas of the body, meaning that the removed fat might “come back” elsewhere. A recent study of the University of Sao Paulo, however, found out that while liposuction can potentially trigger a compensatory increase of fat, this adverse effect may be counteracted by exercise. So, before choosing liposuction as a way to improve your body shape, you need to be aware that while the procedure itself is likely to deliver satisfactory results, those results will require some effort to maintain. Understanding that liposuction is not “magic,” on the other hand, will prevent you from neglecting your body and choosing an unhealthy lifestyle after the procedure is completed.

When it comes to plastic surgery, setting realistic expectations is extremely important for both your physical and psychological well-being. For that reason, when choosing to have a fat removal treatment at any London liposuction clinic, make sure that you understand which problems precisely the procedure is going solve and be prepared to invest some effort in maintaining the procedure treatment results.