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Raise A Voice Against Psychological Abuse In The Nursing Homes



A number of nursing home residents tend to face acute psychological abuse on a day to day basis. Surprised? If you’re faced with the same dilemma, what kind of thoughts would run through your mind? Just the thought of being a victim of psychological and sexual abuse tends to make you weak in the knees, isn’t it? The limit of abuse is absolutely endless and the sordid details are way more than horrifying.

The worse part about such types of emotional tiffs is the ignorance on the parts of the authorities, the general people as well as the owners who run the nursing centers. The way out of this terrible situation: getting into the root of the problem so that you don’t end up a victim too.

Bullying your way through

In the first place, there can be problems such as bullying and threatening inside the nursing home premises. Be assured, no one wants to be privy to such treatment, especially considering the fact that you’re admitting yourself in the center for treatment.

Threatening and bullying happen to be two of the most common and brutal psychological abuses affecting nursing home inmates. This kind of tyranny involves a volley of degradable instances of abuse which goes way beyond the controllable limits.

Insulting, mockery, and emotional manipulation

This is another common type of psychological abuse that often happens within the premises of a nursing home. The degree and extent of this abuse are so high, it often has an everlasting impact on the people who fall victim to it. Therefore, if you happen to get an inkling into any form of emotional abuse, you should make it point to raise it to the concerned authorities.

Artificial Imprisonment

How would you feel if you have been confined to your room without any hopes of being let free again? The feeling of being trapped with no one to take care of you can lead to a very major emotional setback, taking a toll on those who fall victim to such abuse. This is indeed a very common practice in nursing homes. The staff of the nursing homes tends to take undue advantage of the situation and in order to make their demands met, they imprison the helpless residents without any kind of food or water.

Stealing money and financial abuse

Last but not the least; this is yet another variety of abuse which the elderly have to go through in nursing homes. With no one to support them financially, they get a limited amount of financial resources from their family and friends. The staff often steals the money from the elderly residents who forget to put the money in a safe place.

How could such things happen in a nursing home? Isn’t a nursing home supposed to be an abode of peace and sanity for the patients who come over there to get cured? These kinds of shameful practices only mar the reputation of the nursing home and at the same time, lessen the amount of trust that patients have for the center. It is really time for you to think about what you can really do to put a stop to these inhuman practices which have been shamelessly happening within the fringes of a nursing home.