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A List Of The Health Benefits Of Alkaline Water



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There is a lot of talk in the press about the benefits of alkaline water. However, there is some confusing information about it. Therefore just in case you are confused, we have come up with a list of claims that have been made with regards to the health benefits of the water.

Reduced Tooth Decay

It has been said that drinking alkaline water instead of soda will help to prevent tooth decay. The soda may have sugar in which can attract plaque to attack teeth. It also has acid in it and that will damage teeth as well. Having alkaline water will help to neutralize tooth acid and does not have any sugar or acid in it which would cause damage to teeth.

Less Bone Decay

There has been a selection of studies carries out on the bone loss in pre-menopausal women and alkaline water. There has been the conclusion that calcium is stored in bones and that acid can deplete it and cause bone decay. Therefore it has been concluded that drinking alkaline water may lead to stronger bones. It has also been pointed out that not many studies have been carried out and therefore there would be benefits from more long term research.


Water is well known for its hydrating properties. Staying hydrated is important for the body and can help it to function better. It has been said that because the water molecule is restructured during the process that takes place to make it more alkaline, and it is smaller. It has been argued that these smaller molecules are more easily absorbed by the cells in the body meaning that it can hydrate more quickly and easily.

Reduced Aging

The reduced aging property of the water is something that many people are interested in. This is due to the fact that when it is processed, there are negative hydrogen ions produced. These are still present when the water is drunk. It has been said that these negative hydrogen ions can bond with free radicals in the body which are said to be harmful. These have been thought to produce a problem with aging in the body. Water has also been shown to prevent the look of aging because it swells the skin and stops it from wrinkling so much.

Fight Cancer

The cancer-fighting properties of anti-oxidants are well known and with alkaline water having plenty of them, then this could be something that people will want to take as a way of preventing cancer. The small size of the molecules is also thought to be helpful in the spread of cancer in the body. Cancer is also felt to not do well in an alkaline environment. There has not been a lot of research done in this area though and so the treatment with alkaline water is only recommended as a supplement to other treatments.

Despite there being a selection of illnesses that the water is said to help, research in the area is still scarce and so it should not be used as a ‘cure-all’.