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What Exactly is The Phantom Effect of DNA?



What exactly is the phantom effect of dna?

Let’s go back to 1984 because this is the year when worshiping DNA faced a serious breakthrough. It was discovered by a doctor named Peter Gariaev. This discovery of Gariaev gives us strong reasons to believe that the mythical emission – Energy Field of the Universe – may act in our DNA. Furthermore, this leads us to the idea that the full genetic code of an organism may not completely consist of the molecule of DNA – or at least not the only location.

When Gariaev puts one sample of DNA into a miniature quartz container equipped with a laser, observing it with sensitive equipment which can even catch single photons of light, he discovers that DNA acts like a sponge to the light. In some strange way, the molecule of DNA absorbs all photons of light in the area and literally stores them in the form of a curved spiral.

This is more than strange and it’s obvious that DNA creates something like turbulence, which can attract light in a way similar to the effects of a black hole, but on a much smaller scale.

Only a handful of scientists would be willing to admit that light may enter into the pineal gland – however, Gariaev proves that the molecule of DNA sucks photons from somewhere by some process unknown to us. Because of the enormous difficulties, connected with studying the living human brain, such experiments with the pineal gland haven’t been made – or at least not to the public.

The only technology we have and which could keep the light into a spiral, like the one Gariaev discovered in the molecule of DNA, is the fiber-optic cable – but even fiber-optic cables can’t absorb such quantities of light in such manner.

We’re not used to thinking about light as something, which can be stored – we only know that it travels through space at amazing speeds. If we do manage to capture it in one place, usually we expect it to be drained and lose its energy. Even in the case of photosynthesis, the only way where a plant could store light is when it transforms light’s energy into green chlorophyll.

But now we understand, even the light itself may be used as a food supply of DNA, almost like the squirrels collecting acorns for winter. This discovery gives rise to a whole new wave of questions. What exactly is that, which stores the light? How exactly it stores it? And why it stores it?

The real true magic happens after the end of Gariaev’s experiment. He grabs the quartz container with DNA and just puts it away from its place. Hereinafter nothing more should happen. Nonetheless, despite the fact that he removed all – DNA, container, and the whole equipment – the light continued to twist into a spiral at the same place. Whatever it’s that, which held the light in the same place, it definitely didn’t need the DNA molecule. Because it was something else, something invisible, something which is strong enough to store and control the visible light, maintaining it in a form like a DNA molecule.

The only rational scientific explanation would be that maybe some sort of energy field exists, which goes along with the DNA molecule – something like an energy duplicate of DNA. And this duplicate has the same form as the physical molecule, and even if we put away the molecule, the duplicate continues to flow at the place it was before. It doesn’t need the presence of DNA to continue doing its job – storing visible light. There is no doubt that some sort of force exists, similar to gravity, which can hold photons in one place.

The implications of this discovery are staggering. As we know, we deal with not only one molecule of DNA – there are trillions of such molecules, which are in very precise structural arrangement. We have bone DNA, blood DNA, muscle DNA, skin DNA, brain DNA, and etc. Anyway, having in mind doctor Gariaev’s experiment, we can suppose that our whole body should also have its own energy duplicate.

This fits perfectly with the observations and theories of some scientists – claiming that there is some sort of energy field, which tells our cells how and where to act. Adding this to Gariaev’s discovery, we find that probably the main function of DNA is to store light – both in our physical body and energy duplicate. It becomes clear that conventional science needs serious rethinking. There is a lot of information about biological life, which traditional science doesn’t know or refuses to acknowledge.

 The Phantom effect of DNA is undoubtedly one of the most significant breakthroughs in recent history

Gariaev proves that the molecule of DNA has some sort of strange connection with quantum mechanics, which traditional scientists haven’t discovered yet. There is already evidence that DNA reacts with some sort of invisible and yet undiscovered energy field, which has electromagnetic properties and obviously controls electromagnetic energy – in this case, by storing photons, even when there is no close physical molecule, which can hold them.

And that is not all. When Gariaev sprayed this phantom with liquid nitrogen, the light spiral disappeared – but after 5 minutes it appeared again. This perseverance of phantom DNA, even in the face of its own destruction, is stranger than its creation. Even if we destroy the integrity of the area, where the phantom of DNA was, by a sudden rush of cold it appears again and restores completely its integrity.

The ambient light was again organized in a unique spiral model of DNA, which existed before. The traditional science could not offer us anything, which can explain this phenomenon and despite that fact – it happens!

How long do you think this Phantom held? As much as it’s unbelievable, the phantom DNA stayed visible for 30 days after its first appearance. During that time, Gariaev shot it with liquid nitrogen, but it kept coming back again. As you have probably guessed, this contradicts all modern biology and physics – but is a fact! This information exists for more than twenty-seven years.

Our DNA somehow interacts with the energy field, which is unknown at this very moment to western and eastern scientists and leaves behind a phantom with the ability to be monitored. This means that our duplicate continues doing its job of capturing light, even when we aren’t there already. If at this time you sit on the chair reading this article, and then get up and move to another location, your energy duplicate will continue swirling light into tiny spirals right at the place where you were before. Every single molecule of DNA will stay for at least thirty days, after the time that you got off your chair.

Since the dimensions mentioned, are microscopic, this effect could not be seen with naked eyes; however, Gariaev was able to measure it in its lab. It appears that our energy duplicate is like a hologram of our physical bodies and exactly the same as every cell!