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Beauty Secrets for the Summer



Everyone knows that when it comes to beauty, any woman will do practically anything to maintain her youthful and invigorated glow. It’s particularly wondrous this season with so many summer activities and occasions that one might need that extra something to showcase her glow and radiance. Here are some useful beauty tips to keep you looking fresh and fabulous this summer:

1) Those Split Ends need to split!

It’s easy to take on a lot of hair damage this summer especially with many activities that expose hair to the rigors of direct sunlight. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to show all the time- apply hair repair cream when possible to conceal the grungy and frizzy looks that split ends showcase. Hair repair cream does a lot to lock in the moisture and will make your hair look glossy after blow-drying.

2) Lock in all that moisture

Everyone knows that moisturizing is key in ensuring beautiful skin. When using cream-based applications make sure that you apply a small part of face powder on top of it to seal the moisture whether in your cheek or your lips.

3) Find Your Shade

Finding the right shade of foundation is everything. Just because it’s the summer doesn’t mean that you can parade around town in orange and dark brown pancake in an attempt to mimic that fabulous tan! When selecting the right shade of cake, test the product on your jawline and in natural lighting. This makes sure that your foundation is in the right town as your face and isn’t too far from your neck shade as well.

4) Not all supplements are helpful

Not all vitamins and minerals are helpful to your hair and skin. Although taking supplements will do wonders for your health, mixing them without consulting your doctor can lead to negative effects on your skin and mostly your hair. Consult your doctor on the right combination of supplements before deciding on popping them.

5) Prime your Eye shadow

Using an eye shadow primer is a great method that helps lock in make-up in the right shade and place. Just make sure that you don’t use too much primer on fatty areas of the face or it will look too distracting and make you look bloated because the primer is actually of a lighter tone than most make up shades.

6) Mascara is for All kind of lashes

You don’t want to look like you have two different pairs of lashes. Blending your natural ones with your faux lashes will do you wonders in looking luscious and seamless. This will also help balance the volume of your natural and fake lashes.

7) Take a break from Pedicures

You can cut back on your pedicure spending by taking care of your feet on your own. Using a pumice stone to scrub your foot every morning as part of your shower routine. After you can use a simple moisturizer to soften your skin

8) Supple Skin is Sacred

Summer can be fun with so many activities outdoors, but can also take a toll on your skin moisture. Always ensure that you have a small moisturizer in hand to keep your skin supple.