Health Risks of Smoking and How to Get Rid of It

Are you a smoker? Do you smoke frequently? If yes, go through the article to know the health hazards from smoking.


Do you know that around 2 million people in the US are suffering from bronchitis due to smoking? The shocking fact is enough to thrill you. Bronchitis and smoking go hand in hand. When you smoke, it irritates your bronchial tubes. The initial symptoms include cough, mucous, sore throat and chest discomfort. Regular habit of smoking can cause chronic bronchitis which is usually seen in smokers.


Being a patient of cancer is nothing less than a nightmare for any person. Being a smoker you increase 50% more chance of cancer than a non-smoker. There are various types of cancer can attract to your body due to smoking. It affects not only your lungs but also damages your throat and mouth. According to a research, it has been proved that around 4000 toxic chemicals found in a cigarette where most of the chemical components cause cancer. Smoking is associated with 70% to 80% cause of oral cancer. Smoker gums are loose and pink, can develop mouth and gum sores and bad breathe. Smoking affects lung badly. Toxic chemicals in a cigarette lead to lung cancer.


Smoking can cause depression. It is associated with higher rates of depression. Approximately, 50% Americans suffering from depression are smoker. Due to smoking regularly, it causes poor sleep and anxiety that turn into depression.

Reducing Health Risks due to Smoking

If you are really serious about leaving this bad habit, it’s good to find the best alternative of smoking. Electronic cigarettes have come up as one of the best alternatives. An e-cig has been using by a huge number of people. They have noticed signs of improvement by using this alternative. Many of them have got rid of this bad habit completely with the help of e-cigs. You can also try this. Buy a branded e-cig online. It is available online at an affordable price. Go through electronic cigarette reviews to know about the brand is good and durable. Once you get an idea about the product quality, you can head to online shopping. You will be amazed to know that using e-cigs is cheaper than traditional cigarettes. So what are you waiting for? Try an e-cig today.

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