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5 Ways To Help You Live With Diabetes



As Britain’s waistlines expand, being overweight is having a severe effect on the nation’s health. While the apparent maladies of heart disease and obesity ballooned in the 20th century, diabetes managed to slip in under the public’s radar mostly. But is it as much of a life sentence as its more infamous cousins?

Well, it won’t kill you itself. Diabetes can be treated by insulin or through your diet but ignore it, and you run the risk of complications such as blindness or amputation.

Test for diabetes

There are many tell-tale signs, but it is believed that there are still 850,000 sufferers in the UK that aren’t aware they have the disease. Are you always thirsty? Always hungry? Does this blog appear blurry? If so, it might be because your blood glucose levels are high, and it would be worth getting a test for diabetes.

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And what happens if you do have diabetes?

Five tips for living healthily with diabetes

Having high blood sugar doesn’t have to be high maintenance. Awareness is key. There are many ways to stave off the effects of this chronic disease. Here are five top tips for staying healthy:

1)     Good nutrition

Depending on the type of diabetes, patients will need to get used to incorporating dietary changes into their lives alongside insulin use. Starchy carbohydrates are crucial. Potatoes, pasta, bread, and plenty of fruit are vital to staying healthy. Missing meals and late-night takeaways are definite no-nos.

2)     Plenty of exercise

As well as kicking fatty foods, people with diabetes should also look out their running shoes from the back of the wardrobe. Regular exercise will aid in the control of blood sugar and also help lower the odds of accompanying diseases, such as heart disease.

3)     Quit smoking

Alongside a more active lifestyle, giving up cigarettes is also imperative, so try a stop smoking service. Smoking increases the chance of other diabetes-related conditions developing, so quitting will help your health as well as your wallet.

4)     Technology

Smartphones aren’t just for checking Facebook and listening to music. Check out an app called Glooko, which was launched earlier in the year and allows people with diabetes to download and analyze data from their blood sugar meters and share with their doctors if necessary. Monitoring your glucose levels has never been easier.

5)     No Alcohol

Yip, people with diabetes, will also have to give up Britain’s most popular vice or at least severely curtail how much they drink, according to this article in the Guardian.

So while being diagnosed with diabetes will remain daunting, there is hope. Vigilance, understanding, and following a healthy lifestyle will mean that sufferers should be able to control their condition and limit its effects.

Are you diabetic? How do you stay healthy?