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5 Organic Drinks You Should Switch To



As we become more health-conscious we start to wonder about where the ingredients that make our drinks come from. Many people think that a glass of orange juice a day is great for you, which it is, but there are drinks that have more health benefits. When a drink is ‘organic’ it means that during the growth of the ingredients, it wasn’t exposed to pesticides or any other type of harmful chemicals. It’s because of this that they are obviously more beneficial. Here we’ll look at 5 organic drinks that are worth making the switch to over their non-organic counterparts.

Organic tea

You can purchase organic tea as a black, green, or white tea and in a variety of flavors. Organic tea is great at fighting off a whole range of different illnesses and diseases and can be of great benefit to your overall health. Both black and green organic teas are a great source of antioxidants that can aid in protecting cells in your body from free radical damage caused by things like smoking, pollution, etc. Some organic teas also feature antibacterial properties that may offer healthy teeth benefits.

Organic vegetable Juice

Not many people think to juice vegetables and prefer them on their plate rather than in their cup. Juiced vegetables offer a variety of benefits though and are great for your body. By simply juicing the vegetables it allows your body to absorb all the wonderful nutrients faster and easier. Juicing veggies also means that your body is getting enough phytochemicals which are powerful fighters of disease. It’s recommended that you start with small amounts of vegetable juice to allow you to get used to the taste.

Organic apple juice

Many of us are familiar with the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but are we familiar with the health benefits offered by organic apple juice. Organic apple juice has a huge variety of benefits including some that may be a little surprising. A study found that people who regularly consume apple juice are less likely to suffer from asthma. Much like tea, this juice is also full of antioxidants which will help prevent disease.

Organic orange juice

As one of the most commonly consumed juices on the planet, not only is it great for you but it tastes great too. Organic orange juice, as you all probably know provides plenty of vitamin c which is a vital vitamin that the body cannot produce itself. Organic orange juice is also said to decrease bad cholesterol levels which is naturally beneficial to you and your body.

Organic cranberry juice

Another popular juice, cranberry has a wider variety of benefits. Cranberry acts as a great cleanser for people suffering from kidney infections or urinary tract infections thanks to its anti-adhesion properties. It is also a brilliant juice to help reduce dental plaque because it inhibits the growth of mouth bacteria.

These are 5 wonderful organic drinks that you can switch to today to start enjoying all the benefits that they offer. Remember that organic drinks can be slightly more expensive than your usual drinks but they’re always worth the extra money.