5 Unbelievable Myths Surrounding Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a fairly new addition to the smoking cessation market and as such there’s a certain amount of cynicism surrounding their safety and effectiveness. If you’re thinking of giving up smoking then take a look at these 5 unbelievable myths surrounding electronic cigarettes so you can decide whether they’re the right choice for you.

Myth 1 – Electronic cigarettes are a threat to teenagers and children

Many anti-smoking groups and legislatures feel that the fruit flavours and ‘electronic’ nature of E cigarettes will attract teens and children.

Why it’s wrong

Although E cigarettes can be bought on the high street, they’re most usually purchased online which means it’s extremely difficult for anyone underage to get hold of them.

Whilst electronic cigarettes are relatively well-priced and cost a fraction of the price of cigarettes over time, they still tend to cost at least £25-£30, which is more than the average child could afford. Lastly, E cigarettes don’t have the same cache as cigarettes which makes them far less appealing.

Myth 2 – Electronic Cigarettes are poisonous

In 2009 the FDA foubd traces of anti freeze in a sample of E cigarettes which caused a huge media storm. However, since then electronic cigarettes have been extensively tested in independent laboratories and there has been no further evidence to suggest that they contain unsafe ingredients.

Myth 3 – E Cigarettes are just as harmful as conventional cigarettes

The FDA found traces of carcinogens in some samples of electronic cigarettes but the levels of nitrosamenes and other harmful substances where at such low levels that they would only be harmful if imbibed in huge amounts. What’s more, when compared with conventional cigarettes, an electronic alternative is far less harmful.

Myth 4 – E Cigarettes explode

Electronic cigarettes contain a small lithium battery and although lithium can be a volatile substance, there have been no reported incidences of exploding cigarettes. When you purchase electronic cigarettes you’ll also get instructions about how to store and look after the cigarettes so there’s no risk of damage being caused.

Myth 5 – Second hand smoke is harmful to others

E cigarettes work so well because they perfectly mimic the act of smoking, right down to the water vapour that’s released when the cigarette is used. Although this vapour may look just like cigarette smoke it’s not harmful in any way. The vapour which comes out of the cigarettes contains a tiny trace of nicotine which poses no threat to bystanders.

Myth 6 – Electronic cigarettes are dangerously addictive

Some people believe that the nicotine in E cigarettes can cause smokers to become even more addicted but recent tests have shown that E cigarettes do not deliver nicotine as efficiently as conventional cigarettes, which means they get nicotine in lower amounts than when they smoke. In addition, studies carried out at the University of Virginia have found that smokers who used electronic cigarettes had more success at giving up than those who used other forms of cessation tools, such as gum or patches.

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