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Best Ways to Relax Your Muscles After a Workout



Muscle relaxation is the second key component of a great workout. Right after a workout, most people are more concerned about how hard they worked and how stronger they will get. What they fail to note is that for muscles to grow, they need enough relaxation to pave way for healing and repairing. This article provides you with tips on how to relax your muscles after a workout.


One of the easiest ways to calm your muscles right after a workout is to take deep, slow breaths. Breathe in slowly and then release after three to four seconds. Each time you breathe out; try to picture all the negative energy and tension slowly slipping out of your body. This type of muscle relaxation can be done in the gym right after you finished lifting weights or at home right before you go to bed.

Using a Sauna

Using a sauna is another proven way to relax your body and mind after working out. Saunas are known to help dilate blood vessels, making it easy for fluids containing nutrients and minerals to flow throughout body tissues. A workout session may also cause pain in different parts of your body and most people have little idea how to get rid of the irritation. Saunas have demonstrated the ability to decrease pain without the use of medicine. Investing in a home sauna will make your workout sessions a better experience. For starters, you are offered the opportunity to save time and money since you don’t have to visit a spa center every time you need to use one. The internet provides you with a plethora of websites where you can do more research on home saunas¬†and the best ones to get.


Stretching is another marvelous way to relax after a workout session. This not only reduces the tension but also decreases stiffness in your muscles. Make sure you stretch each time you finish working out when your muscles are still warm and limber. Each stretch should be held for a count of 20 to 40 seconds for a good pull of the muscles. Here are a few stretches that will help you achieve maximum relaxation.

Quadriceps Stretch – This type of stretch is done by placing one foot in front of the other and bending one knee while holding the foot at the back. You are then supposed to pull the knee to a straight position. This should be done slowly for better results.

Hamstring Stretch – This type of stretch is great for relaxing your lower back. Decide whether to stand or sit down with your feet straightened and then try touching your toes.

Oblique Stretch -This is done while standing with your legs slightly apart. Lean-to one side and then slowly slide your arm towards the toes. Repeat this step for both sides a number of times.

Getting Enough Sleep

Sleeping is great for your mental functioning as well as for your muscles. Getting enough sleep gives your muscles time to relax and regenerate and you are likely to wake up with renewed energy. Inadequate sleep will lead to increased levels of cortisol in your body which in return tightens and stiffens your muscles.

If you are looking to help with muscle soreness after your workouts, you may want to consider these useful tips. For most people, it can be really difficult to make yourself workout the next day if you are suffering from intense muscle soreness from your previous work out. Luckily there are measures we can take to save ourselves from this agony. So don’t let sore muscles keep you from your next workout!