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Recreation Drugs They Not Worth It



Addiction can be defined as someone having a psychological dependence on that particular substance or action. There are various types of addictions that range from substance abuse to physical actions such as sex addiction. The world over there has been a marked increase in substance abuse and this not only has a negative impact on society but also the economy of the country. On a daily basis, hundreds of people are admitted to prisons and hospital emergency rooms and for drug-related problems, this puts a heavy strain on the local economy.

The reasons why people turn to drugs for solace is diverse, many often start at a young age when drugs are seen as a method to show rebellion or to fit into a social group. Many social programs that focus on the youth has been launched the world over to inform and educate them on the negative impact that drugs could have on their lives.

List of the 10 most popular recreational drugs

10 – Solvents

This particular drug rose to popularity during the late seventies, as the drug of choice for the Punk Rock scene. Readily obtainable from any hardware or drug store the solvents usually bicycle inner tube glue, aerosols, or nail polish remover. The glue is normally inserted into a container and the vapors inhaled.

9 – Psychedelic Mushrooms

For centuries indigenous tribes have made use of the “magic mushrooms” to achieve a hallucinogenic state for various reasons.  The effect of these mushrooms could be compared to that of LSD but the high is much shorter. The mushrooms can be ingested in various forms from being eaten fresh to being dried or being boiled and made into a tea.

8 – Opium

This particular drug also has been used for centuries dating all the way back to ancient Rome and Greece. The drug is obtained from the sap of the immature Papaver Somniferum plant. In contrast, the seeds are used as a spice and have absolutely no narcotic properties.

7 – LSD

This powerful hallucinogen was discovered by renowned Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman in 1938 while he was researching cures for the common cold. This drug usually takes effect 1-2 hours after being ingested and the user’s senses are usually heightened.

6 – Barbiturates

This drug falls into the category of prescription drugs and has been dubbed as “downers” by is users. The drug that’s original intent was to be used as a calming agent for violent or mentally disturbed patients. The withdrawal symptoms from this drug are said to be worse than that of opiates

5 – Amphetamines

This particular drug falls into a relatively small group of stimulant drugs that affect the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. This drug commonly known as “Speed” creates a feeling of euphoria and increased energy levels. This particular drug was very popular in the 1970s and then regained popularity in the ’90s

4 – Ecstasy

A derivative of Amphetamines, ecstasy gives the user a feeling of well being and euphoria. This particular drug can either be ingested orally or as a powder be sniffed. There have been instances where users will die after the very first dose and there is a real chance of dehydration if the user engages in extreme physical activity.

3 – Cocaine

Derived from the leaves of the Coca plant this particular drug has been used by the Peruvian Indians of South America for centuries.  They would usually chew the leaves for their ability as an aesthetic and appetite suppressant. The drug is now more commonly referred to as crack cocaine due to it being sold in a clump that resembles a rock and smoked via a pipe.

2 – Heroin

A derivative of Morphine, Diamorphine, or heroin was used as a powerful painkiller and thought to have been less addictive than Morphine. This particular drug can be ingested in various methods from being injected into being smokes or sniffed. The withdrawal symptoms of this drug are often said to be of the worst of all the narcotics.

1 – Cannabis

By far the most used recreational drug and often referred to as the gateway drug, as in most cases this would be the first drug that most ventures to try. The effects of cannabis are fairly instantaneous which will include a feeling of euphoria and a slightly drunken state.

Narcotics no matter the type or strength is truly a gamble that anyone is making with their lives, the possibility of becoming addicted from that very first “hit” or even death is too great, many of these substances have been produced for a specific purpose and have been perverted for their side effects.