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Summer Sun Saviours You Should Stock Up On Now



The flights have been booked for months, the anticipation of that relaxing beach break has been slowly building and now the first signs of spring are in the air. Your summer holiday is practically within your grasp but the fear of having to be swimsuit ready is quite possibly driving idyllic dreams of nights watching the sunset over the ocean from your mind.

Don’t panic, however: preparation is the key. Read on to find out which products you should be stocking up on right now, and how you can make sure you are bikini ready and glowing come the holiday season…

Back To Basics

We all know that skin protection is of the highest importance for our health, therefore the first port of call should be ensuring a supply of appropriate factor sun cream and also after sun lotion, just in case of a burn. Stock up early to avoid the soaring prices as demand rises but remember; the longer the product stands, the less effective the protection. Bear this in mind when buying in advance.

Creating the Base for a Beautiful Finish

Glowing, beach-ready skin is, without doubt, a work in progress so make sure you start your preparations early. Moisturising is the key base for healthy-looking skin – dehydration results in an overproduction of oil which can lead to dry patches, or alternatively create the appearance of larger pores. It is therefore essential to find a moisturizer that suits your skin and, to combat imperfections, use toner to minimize pore size and create a fresher sheen.

If you also suffer from blemishes on your legs caused by shaving or hair removal, exfoliating scrubs are crucial to unblock ingrown hairs and scrub off dead skin and leave a smooth, glowing finish. Many scrubs often also include added moisturizer; feeding thirsty skin and making it shine.

Finally, creams and scrubs containing caffeine can stimulate firmness and, when combined with twice-weekly massages to increase circulation; reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimples. This will be sure to leave your pins in tip-top shape.

Working On That Summer Glow

Creating the perfect pre-holiday glow can present a multitude of problems. No-one wants to see streaky tans and orange hands, but we are all also very aware of the highly publicized dangers of sunbed use. Why not then try a tinted moisturizer to build up the color slowly over time? It looks more natural, avoids the chance of unsightly smears, and – if the products are bought before peak season – is much friendlier on the wallet.

A Body That Radiates Health

Finally, it’s all very well and good slathering yourself in beauty products and hoping for the miracle appearance of that perfect pre-holiday glow. However, you have to ensure you look after your insides as well – it really does have an effect on how you look on the outside too. Be sure to keep hydrated to preserve clear skin; stock up on fruit and vegetables to reduce bloating and provide you with numerous vitamins, and eat plenty of healthy fats such as olive oil and avocado to leave your skin looking luminous and firm.

So what are you waiting for? Start incorporating these tips into your daily routine and come summer, you will be ready to rock that beach look.

One final word of advice if you plan to brave those topless beaches; invest in some Triactol breast serum which not only enhances your natural bust but also gives the impression of a firmer décolletage. If you’re feeling cool and confident about your body, you really are ready to recline and relax with confidence.

Do you have any tips and tricks on how to get yourself swimsuit ready?