Natural Breast Enhancement: Accentuating without Surgery

Natural Breast Enhancement: Accentuating without Surgery

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Natural Breast Enhancement: Accentuating without SurgeryNowadays, there are several effective options available to women who wish to increase or enhance their bust line without having to undergo surgery. Natural breast enhancement methods are non-invasive, therefore safer, less painful, and also less expensive than getting breast implants. For many women, it merely involves the daily ingestion of all-natural supplements.

Due to their growing popularity, one might assume that breast implants are the only sure solution. However, it is important to examine several alternative avenues. There is a wide array of natural breast enhancement products and techniques on the market today catering to those who wish to have larger breasts without a surgical procedure. Here some natural alternatives to consider.

Herbal Supplements: With the natural breast enhancement “movement” becoming the latest in fashion, women are turning to natural supplements, in the form of pills or capsules, to increase their breast size. Several varieties are available, each kind typically containing a blend of herbs, minerals and vitamins designed to stimulate breast tissue growth while improving overall firmness. The substances in these types of supplements are meant to help produce estrogen, which is a key factor in breast tissue growth.

Enhancement Creams: Creams and lotions used for natural breast enlargement are normally based on a blend of extracts from certain exotic plants and mastogenic herbs that have been proven effective in increasing breast size. The compounds found in these plants and herbs are either similar to estrogen, or are able to raise estrogen levels in the body.

Gel Pads: No ingestion or application – these are the immediate answer to acquiring the look of a bigger bust. Gel pad enhancers are tucked comfortably inside the bra and remain invisible to the eye. In an instant, a woman is given the appearance of larger, fuller breasts, the natural way.

Push-Up Bras: Similar to the function of gel pads, push-up bras are specifically designed to lift the breasts, giving them a firmer, rounder and larger shape. They also help in producing the look of cleavage.

Exercises: Now considered as the healthiest and least costly type of natural breast enhancement, upper body exercises can be easily done in the home. Push-ups are the ideal form of exercise for breast augmentation because they develop the pectoral muscles and thereby increase the mass of muscle tissue in the chest area, resulting in larger, firmer breasts.


Massage: Probably one of the easiest natural breast enhancement methods is massaging the breasts; it is supposed to be helpful in concentrating fatty tissue to that area. Over a certain period of time, the breasts will grow in size and become firmer. Adding a natural enhancement cream or lotion to this regime may promote faster results.

Hypnosis: It has been said that hypnosis can help some women seeking to enhance their chest size the natural way, without exercise, supplement or bra padding. Some research studies have shown that a definite link exists between mind and body; thus the power of mental suggestion over the body is deemed to enable breast transformation.

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