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Walk-In Tubs: Independence is Important



For people who prefer relaxation in warm soothing baths that are comfortable and safe, then walk-in bathtubs are the best option. It is because these tubs are designed with not just comfort and safety in mind, but also the convenience and it gives users a sense of independence. In fact, walk-in tubs are safer than traditional showers. Some of the benefits of walk-in tubs include enhanced safety and functionality as well as bigger space in the bathroom.

Safety First

These tubs are usually designed to enable the user to get in and out without having to raise his or her feet more than two inches or so from the ground. Easy access is provided into the tub via doors located at the side of the bath with a built-in special seat located right near each door of each walk-in tub. Users can therefore get into the tub and seat without problems of any kind therefore making it easy on them to undress in a more stable, safer, and more convenient area.

Walk-in tubs also provide users with the option of closing the doors to the tub, filling it with water, and submerging their bodies in the warm bath or selecting the shower option. The latter option can be performed from the convenience of the in-built seat using an adjustable showerhead that is handheld thus enhancing the ease of use and safety.

Walk-in bathtubs eliminate the risk of slipping in the shower and getting injuries. Using the built-in seat, users can comfortably and safely sit back, relax, and enjoy their bath without worrying about getting in and out of the shower every time as if it is a chore.

Space Saving

For apartments and studios, walk-in bathtubs are usually the best option because, in addition to being safer, they also take up less room than conventional showers. Previously the walks in bathtubs were associated with the elderly although that view is now changing.  These tubs are becoming popular with the youth who live in urban areas because of the bigger space and more comfort they offer, in relation to the traditional bathtub and shower.

These walk-in bathtubs are becoming the most practical options for everyone because of the convenience, comfort, and space-saving benefits as well as their ability to promote relaxation.

Overall Health

Walk-in bathtubs can offer several health benefits if you can just take the time to soak and relax. You can soothe your joints and muscles, and your overall mobility through regular soaking. It helps with arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, and improves circulation and the oxygenation of the blood. It also can assist with insomnia. Soaking in the tub will slightly raise your body temperature, which can allow you to fall asleep faster.

Independence is Important

For people who are so used to depending on their family members as well as friends or even home health aides to complete their daily tasks, the walk-in bathtubs provide them with a high sense of independence. They can make use of the bathtubs effectively by undressing, bathing, and then redressing without the need for a home aid, home nurse, or family member present. This is in addition to being more spacious and safer for them. It, therefore, offers a sense of independence to people who do not have any other form of independence left to them.

Evidently, walk-in tubs are a safe, practical, and convenient option for anyone who is looking to buy a new bathtub or shower facility. Anyone can get to enjoy his or her relaxing and comforting baths in a space that is safe and space-friendly.